14 January 2012 @ 10:51 pm

Someone in my grandma's neighbourhood is trying to call Batman!!!!
(excuse the classic UFO picture quality, I'm without a tripod and 16 seconds can be an eternity, if you have to hold a camera steady for that long)
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21 January 2011 @ 11:59 am
The basics of tea cup holding
I was just informed that my new ID has arrived and can be picked up. After 3 months. Three bloody months to print out a piece of paper, glue in a mugshot and laminate the whole thing. If this was a private company they would be out of business in no time ... but since it's not and since people can hardly go elsewhere to get an ID or passport ... (well, I could get these things elsewhere, but you know what I mean ...).

Anyho, why DOES this stuff take that long? Or maybe, it only takes that long in Germany?

And what's with the Fashion Week crowd this year? So far, there's a distinct lack of people in totally ridiculous outfits! I went to a party last night and didn't stick out in black jeans, black shirt, black jacket, black boring everything ...!
It can't be the cold weather, that has never stopped them before ... or maybe ... is the whole street style blog thing out? I mean, if no one is taking your picture for their blog and your one and a half seconds of fame, there's no need to risk a broken leg in funny shoes, right?

Also, thanks a lot for all the replies and the good advice on my last entry. Your thoughts on the subject did help and I'll reply there later today, when I have more time *hugs*
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06 June 2009 @ 01:38 pm
Come, Electric Kingdom
I think I have to call an electrician on monday. A neon light in the basement has developed a habbit of only working when it wants to. Usually you get light after you've flicked the switch for like 20 times, but sometimes you only get a flicker or no light at all. I tried to replace the lamp of course and we removed the switch to see if there's some physical damage visible maybe or if just cleaning it and putting it back in would help. It didn't.

And it's not the fact that the lamp isn't working that's annoying me, it's the fact that it is not not working sometimes. You know, it's like Windows. Something doesn't work and you kind of accept it and then it suddenly works again and you don't know why and for the next week you are waiting for it to stop working again, also for no aparent reason or maybe because Uranus is in the seventh house to have lunch with Venus ... for all I know Windows could be programmed by mad astrologists. Wouldn't that explain so much?

Eh, how did this become a rant about Windows? What I should really rant about is having to find an electrician who doesn't charge a fortune for a house call.
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location: the electric kingdom
04 June 2009 @ 10:22 am
NOT to be
I just came across a piece of news on a Twilight com about how the director of Twilight wants to do a Hamlet film and said: "You will understand everything without having a copy of Shakespeare for Dummies with you."

I'm not sure what's more irritating. The fact that she thinks "Hey, I've done Twilight, now I'm totally qualified to direct Shakespeare!" or that she thinks the target audience of her movie will be people who are obviously too stupid to understand Shakespeare.
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13 May 2009 @ 09:08 pm
Da fuck ...
Livejournal f-list isn't loading ... Twitter ap isn't posting my message and now Twitter seems to be down altogether. Dude.

*off to do some Star Trek icons and complete my 9 icons* ... which I won't be able to post because ... see above ...
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