16 November 2009 @ 05:51 pm
I hate funny robots
There ARE reasons to dislike Science Fiction (like, a serious lense flare allergy or an IQ that is too low to handle techno babble ...), however "it's so unrealistic" is not one of them. Especially not when you are planning to watch New Moon on the opening night. Because sparkling vampires, werewolves and whiny Bella are not exactly the height of realism either. Especially not whiny Bella.

Doctor Who: Best fucking quarry in Who history (that's only my thoughts on the first minute, btw.) ... other than that I just feel very "wow!" about it. It won't replace Midnight, Blink and The Empty Child as my favourite episode but it comes close. And yes, I totally fail at making lists of favourites. Always have, always will. I'm not very good at "this or that" either.
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04 June 2009 @ 10:22 am
NOT to be
I just came across a piece of news on a Twilight com about how the director of Twilight wants to do a Hamlet film and said: "You will understand everything without having a copy of Shakespeare for Dummies with you."

I'm not sure what's more irritating. The fact that she thinks "Hey, I've done Twilight, now I'm totally qualified to direct Shakespeare!" or that she thinks the target audience of her movie will be people who are obviously too stupid to understand Shakespeare.
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