16 June 2013 @ 01:36 pm
How random can you go?
I haven't walked off to facebook, I have walked off to real life ... how depressing, this whole being an adult thing. I haven't walked off to Instagram either, because I am so bad at taking the obligatory food pics. My first, really old fashioned, thought when I see a plate of yummy food is that I want to eat it, not take a picture of it. And yesterday we went strawberry picking ... strawberry fields forever and all that, it was pretty awesome. And I didn't take a SINGLE pic. Hopeless case, right? On that same note, I am also still watching concerts with my eyes, not with my iPhone raised in the air ... I'm a very hopeless case.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello :D

PS: My part of Germany is thankfully not drowning and despite the financial benefits the government has just decided on we don't have any wedding plans.
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09 February 2013 @ 11:51 am
Happy new year! (let's pretend we're all following the chinese calendar)
I wish I had something exciting to say as opposed to "let's post an update to show I'm still alive and despite the evils of Twitter am still capable of writing more than 140 characters at a time".

January has been a bit busy with real life, so I didn't have time for fun stuff ... although, I did have some work related fun of course. Like, I found out you can build "clouds" that actually float and look quite realistic out of helium balloons, tissue paper, glue and pillow stuffing. Creating them is a messy job, but the results are great and you get the funniest looks when you're walking down a street with a big cloud hovering over your head (bless nylon strings for being almost invisible ... )

Oh, I got a resolution for the still new year - I won't fail my reading challenge on goodreads again. Yeah, not really a challenge or a resolution, since you can pick the number of books you want to read yourself ... but I want to make a visible dent in my huge pile of unread books this year. So I haven't checked out any new TV shows, in fact, the only thing I watch at the moment is Fringe ... and Elementary if I don't forget it. It's like one of the CSI or CIS? (I never get that right, starts with a C anyway ...) shows, the cases are usually interesting enough to hold my attention for an hour, but nothing about these shows makes me want to record them or seek them out online if I missed an episode.

Anyway, how is everyone doing? Snowed in or already in spring mode?
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21 December 2012 @ 09:47 am
Happy midwinter apocalypse
This time the end of the world is very well timed. It's the last day for me and quite a few friends to be in town, before going on vacation or visiting family for Christmas and it's also a Friday ... so yeah, apocalyptic party it is! Usually, we're just having a little get together to exchange presents while drinking Glühwein and eating cookies, but this time there will be games and pizza too.

I'm in charge of the "what happens next" game. For this game, you get to see a scene from a film and then you have to sit down with your team, write the next scene and present it when it's your turn. You get points for making the right guess of course, but there are also bonus points for original script, acting and such ...

I've done two of these for horror movies before, but to go with the apocalypse theme I chose disaster movies this time ... and I really had no idea how many hilariously bad movies there are in this genre (for obvious reasons you can't pick well known films for this game, so you have to dig deeper ...all the way to the bottom of the bargain bin ...). My "favourite" is one about a deadly hailstorm ... you know these white styrofoam balls that are used in various craft projects? That's what their hail was made of and there are various scenes that even show bouncing styrofoam balls. Also, the amount of styrofoam balls was apparently limited so a deadly hailstorm never lasts more than a minute. I was in tears from laughing at several points.

I hope to check in again before Christmas ... laters
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01 December 2012 @ 10:57 pm
There's nothing like looking, if you want to find something
I just noticed I haven't updated here in quite a while. These days, Twitter and Tumblr seem to work better for me, since they require less time and I don't have much of that at the moment. But hey, at least I haven't walked off to Facebook, right? I don't know why life always tends to get so busy by the end of the year ... probably because not much is happening once the holidays have kicked off until everyone is back from family visits and vacations sometime in January.

So, this is what I've been up to:

Also, I'm getting a Hobbit preview for my birthday this year, how cool is that? Well, it's not specifically for my birthday, it just happens to take place on my birthday, but it's still pretty cool. The Hobbit is also the book I'm currently re-re-re-reading, I still prefer Gandalf the Grey over that other Grey fellow.
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17 September 2012 @ 07:46 pm
Rest in pieces ...
My favourite mug died (a minute of silence, please) and it went with a bang. The handle decided to separate itself from the rest of the mug while I was about to carry it out of the kitchen, filled with tea. Now, take another minute to imagine the mess, the stupid look on my face and my sudden need for new socks and jeans. *lol*

It was so pretty, the perfect Tardis blue, the perfect size ...

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05 September 2012 @ 03:00 pm
Souffl├ęs on a spaceship*
I did some work at the IFA (consumer electronics exhibition thingy ...) this week and came across two girls who did some research on internet use and one of their questions was

"What was the first website you ever visited?"

My reply to this is kind of boring actually. When we got internet I visited the website of the internet provider, set up an e-mail address, looked around a bit on the website, perhaps read a news article or two and that was it. This was of course back in the dial up days, so it probably took me an hour to do this and of course, the internet wasn't as busy back then either. I did a search for some of my favourite bands a bit later and a lot of them didn't even have a website ...

So, what's yours? Or what's your guess, if you fail to remember.

*talking Doctor Who ... I will be personally offended if the Doctor doesn't get a "I have had it with these motherfucking dinosaurs on this motherfucking spaceship!" line in the next episode. Or maybe Rory would be the better candidate to say it ... anyway, someone has to say it. Alternatively, I would accept a guest appearance by Samuel Jackson ...
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17 August 2012 @ 05:49 pm
In my next life, I want to be ....
... the sadistic bastard who picks the waiting music for customer hotlines. It's going to be all death metal and industrial then, and it's going to make the ears of these mellow elevator pop lovers bleed, who pick the music nowadays ... just like my ears are bleeding now, after I had to listen to 15 minutes of bloody James Blunt! On on loop!!!

- Yes, poor spelling and/or grammar annoy me too ... but picking on someone's spelling when your actual problem isn't the spelling but the opinion you don't agree with is even more annoying. (clearly, I spent too much time on youtube today)

- "It's tradition" is probably even higher up on the stupid arguments list than "because I said so"

- We're expecting a heatwave this weekend and I saw people stocking a supermarket with gingerbread and other Christmas candy. Yes, "it's tradition" (although a very sad one), but "it's tradition" doesn't keep it from being very very stupid.

- Also, internet repair guy, yes, it's nice that my cat reminds you of your first cat, but ... just fix the internet problems, mkay? (they are still not fixed, but at least the cats got some love ...)
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12 August 2012 @ 06:46 pm
Connection lost ...
You know what I hate most about or recent internet problems? They can be fixed by unplugging everything, waiting for a minute or two and then plugging everything back in. It makes no sense to me at all. But then again, I also don't understand why 90% of all windows related problems can be fixed by restarting the computer.

Olympics highlight: Going to the airfield to do some skating, running into a hockey club that did some Olympics related promotion of their sports and handed out sticks to people for some try outs. So I ended up playing hockey with other dilettantes and it probably didn't resemble anything close to hockey, but we had such a good laugh.

I'm still watching True Blood, btw, but mostly to understand what the guys on Blood Work! are talking about. Bit sad that a video blog thing on youtube is better than the actual episodes, but I'm only 4 episodes in, so it might get better.
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26 July 2012 @ 06:18 pm
Twitter is currently down for <%= reason %>.
Internet, you make me laugh today. First I get a spam mail that pretends to be from Amazon and sounds as if master Yoda is working support now and now Twitter is down for ... you know ... reasons ... and stuff ...

Also: We expect to be back in <%= deadline %>

And apparently, summer is happening on a Thursday this year *sweating*
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24 July 2012 @ 09:58 pm
What would you attempt, if you knew you couldn't fail?
Today I saw a sticker that had this written on it and it made me think. I know it's an old question really, it was probably a LJ meme too at some time, but I have never put any thoughts in it before.

Does fear of failure really hold one back from attempting to do what they want? Does this apply to me? I tend to think that if I haven't tried something I will never know the outcome and wonder for the rest of my life about what could have been, but in some cases this is still true. For example I wouldn't attempt to win the lottery because I know the chances are very very little to even get the money you invested back. Although, it's not fear that holds me back but more a case of not wanting to give the state even more money on top of all the taxes and stuff. Then there's of course a lot of stuff that just doesn't work in the real world. Like, I wouldn't attempt to fly because jumping from a high building leads to a big mess on the ground in ten out of ten cases.

Other than attempting to win the lottery I would attempt to learn to play an instrument properly. Because now I think I'm really too old and have too little time and it's just not worth spending the money on something that will never really happen.

So, what's your answer to this? Lottery is taken already ... and I think we can all agree on the one anyway.
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14 January 2012 @ 10:51 pm

Someone in my grandma's neighbourhood is trying to call Batman!!!!
(excuse the classic UFO picture quality, I'm without a tripod and 16 seconds can be an eternity, if you have to hold a camera steady for that long)
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09 September 2011 @ 09:03 pm
I think I overdosed on apple crumble. I felt like having some today and since I had the time I googled a recipe and managed to throw it all together without accidents. And since I had bought a whole bag of apples and since there was only so little apple crumble left for Marco I made some more ... and ate some more.

I totally blame the side effects of this overdose for feeling strangely attracted to this:

I mean, I adore him and all that, but usually not in "that" way. Is it the cane? I think it's the cane ... there's something sexy about a pimp cane ... with a skull ...

Also - weekend!!!! And I have 3 days off! Although, one of them is almost over already.
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04 August 2011 @ 04:05 pm
Partly a new entry ...
... because the other half is only relevant for LJ and therefore not here.

I just read something about NKOTBSB ... which seems to stand for New Kids on the Back Street Boys? ... in the 90s, this would have had a certain appeal. But an orgy with men who are trying to relive their careers,while not looking all that attractive anymore? Not so much.

Also, I'm really feeling the need to get creative and try out now stuff, but I'm a bit clueless about the details at the moment. I considered learning how to sew, but someone needs to invent a sewing for guys course first, because "learn how to sew a summer dress"? Nope, not exactly what I was hoping for.
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28 July 2011 @ 07:44 pm
Lost my marbles ...
First of all, here's my opinion on the recent LJ problems:

A German supermarket gives you a marble for every 15 Euros you spend there and if they expected me to go on a shopping spree they might be disappointed, because all but one of the marbles on the picture were given to me by a couple who didn't want theirs. I think it's a seriously silly way to try and make people buy more, but they DO represent my opinion quite well ;-)
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19 July 2011 @ 06:55 pm
Almost as much as his father's first wife's uncle's son!
Kids just aren't what they used to be. Nope, that's not me, slowly but surely becoming a responsible and boring adult, whining. That's a fact! Look at this cigarette machine I came across after my last hike:

Yes, it says "smoking is unhealthy !"
Back when I was a permanent marker carrying guy, the texts me and my friends left in public places contained things like ANARCHY or FUCK or at least something about how my football club is better and yours sucks. But health advice? Seriously? Is that considered cool nowadays? *sigh* I need a cig ... :p
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08 July 2011 @ 02:43 pm
Digital interactive fortune cookies
I feel like I'm robbing Amazon lately.
They really deliver a book I ordered for 2.95, although, they changed the price to 12.95 (which I figured was supposed to be the correct price all along) almost as soon as I had placed my order. And today my 2.88 copy of Heartless arrived and I just checked and their price for that has now doubled too. I have a feeling they will survive the loss of round about 13 Euros though.

I'm trying to ignore everything Harry Potter at the moment ... at least until I stand in line for a ticket. It feels like my childhood is ending (not that I every was a child during the HP era) and this is just sad.

But on to the good stuff - I'm going on a nice little hike tomorrow. Fingers crossed for good weather and some inspiration for pictures. Because I'm always feeling so uninspired when I'm surrounded by grey city.
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21 June 2011 @ 03:54 pm
Do vampires smell like cheap after shave?
Today I shopped at a drug store I usually don't frequent, because I needed something to drink and while I was at it I checked the shower gels ... they didn't have mine, but one that was supposed to smell like "vampires" - here's proof: Für den Biss der Verführung *rofl*

Now, what does it smell like, you wonder. Like a blood bath? A dusty coffin? A bat? A day in an old cellar? An unwashed Goth perhaps? Nope. It smells like cheap after shave. BUT I didn't take a look at the stuff ... so maybe it at least sparkles a bit?

And while I'm talking beauty stuff - weirdest clothing item I've seen in a while: skin coloured tight jeans. I walked past a wall made of some sort of metal and in the reflection of this wall I caught the glimpse of a woman that appeared to be in only a shirt. When I turned around and looked at her properly I did notice the jeans of course (butts usually don't have pockets) but even then it looked totally weird and strangely naked.
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16 June 2011 @ 06:46 pm
Dear DHL, I'm still waiting for my parcel, which has left Amazon headquarters Monday night! Also, please take a look at the competitors and learn. UPS not only managed to deliver in time this morning, they also sent a girl in a nice little summer uniform!

The eclipse last night was a huge disappointment and in the end I was glad I had forgotten to take a tripod and a proper lens because I would have just carried the stuff around without being able to take pictures, since it decided to get all cloudy after the sun had set. When the moon finally became visible it looked plain ordinary like this. What a let down.

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01 June 2011 @ 03:15 pm
The random-romance-novel-title-generator*
I just checked something on Amazon and saw a book recommendation for a book called "Glühende Dunkelheit" (glowing darkness), which looked quite similar to "Soulless". Turned out it IS in fact the German translation of that very book.

Now, nothing wrong with translating books, however, totally abandoning the original title is. If you know the book (if not, I highly recommend it, if you are in need of something fun that doesn't take itself too seriously) you'll know why it's called "Soulless". While "glowing darkness" ... well ... besides the fact that darkness can not glow and that the title sounds like it's nicked from the bad poetry of a teenage wanna be goth ... doesn't refer to anything in the story.

And this isn't the first case of a totally random title I came across. A friend on goodreads pointed out something similar recently too ... so it's not just a problem with translated books either. The conclusion, the only one that makes sense, is, that there's a program (available in at least two languages) out there somewhere, that randomly creates titles that look good on book covers.

*it's not just used on romance novels, but I like to call it that ... has a certain ring to it.
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24 May 2011 @ 09:43 pm
Knit your own Dalek invasion
I'm in the mood for random today ... since there's nothing to complain about.

The weather continues to be suspiciously good, the world didn't end on a Doctor Who cliffhanger (it has been rescheduled to October 21st, btw ... some miscalculation, the guy says. Proves one thing, if nothing else - religious nutters make very bad mathematicians), I found a way around the "no orange Ipods" problem and got it with 20% discount ...

Anyway, random. A fanboy's wet dream (couldn't find out who edited it, it's from Tumblr and things often don't get properly credited there):

And talking about colliding fandoms - the Sherlock cast in The Hobbit?! Hell yeah! This movie starts to sound good enough to even make me want to watch it in 3D if 2D shouldn't be available. I hate 3D, btw, don't know if I ever mentioned that ... the effects might be fun but they get old fast and add nothing to the movie really and essentially, it's just a good excuse to charge you more for a ticket. Ha! There IS something to complain after all. You only have to search hard enough.

Let's quickly end this on a fun note - the ultimate screen cleaner application. You know you need it.
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