28 July 2011 @ 07:44 pm
Lost my marbles ...
First of all, here's my opinion on the recent LJ problems:

A German supermarket gives you a marble for every 15 Euros you spend there and if they expected me to go on a shopping spree they might be disappointed, because all but one of the marbles on the picture were given to me by a couple who didn't want theirs. I think it's a seriously silly way to try and make people buy more, but they DO represent my opinion quite well ;-)
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06 August 2009 @ 03:07 pm
Did someone die?
I mean, did someone important die?

Why I think that? Well, I didn't have time to read the LJ f-list this morning and when I tried to catch up now LJ was down. Yeah, not a big problem, I'll live. But then I went on twitter to bitch about it when I wanted to reply to friends bitching about it too Twitter went down too. And since I know how crazy things went when Michael Jackson died I do wonder what the reason for this problem could be.

Maybe I should switch on the news? Or maybe I should just get a book and an iced coffee and spend my unexpected free time in the garden. Yes, that sounds better.

Mmmh, I was just thinking, maybe Twitter was crashed by annoyed LJers, because, isn't it around the time when people in the USA, Canada, South America ... check their f-lists before going to work?

ETA: The problems are obviously caused by DoS attacks on the servers of several big social networking sites ... I wonder who could be interrested in these sites going down. I might have a few ideas and they don't involve bored teenagers.
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what: Rotersand - exterminate, anihilate, destroy (now with more Daleks)
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13 May 2009 @ 09:08 pm
Da fuck ...
Livejournal f-list isn't loading ... Twitter ap isn't posting my message and now Twitter seems to be down altogether. Dude.

*off to do some Star Trek icons and complete my 9 icons* ... which I won't be able to post because ... see above ...
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what: Lost podcast
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09 May 2009 @ 11:58 pm
Space, the final frontier ...
... these are the voyages of Captain Charon and Doctor Marco ... who boldly go where no man has gone before and tried to get in a Star Trek showing without pre-ordered tickets. Cause their bloody pre-order thingy was down.

*dramatic music*

And suceeded!!! Yiha! And it was totally worth it too. Loved the movie! :D

Ok, I think since there was a problem with the system no one was able to pre-order and some people probably didn't try to get the tickets directly at the counter instead. But still ... we had mentally planned a boring night at the pub already.

On other news:
Lost: Something bloody and final needs to happen to Kate. I'm so bored of her. Also, Ben's status of resident bad ass is in danger and I'm not sure if I approve of that.

I noticed last night that I haven't posted any icon sets this year. When did real life become too busy to make icons? I'm back in the mood now though ... although, I will never be able to watch Angels and Demons and keep a straight face, not after all the Spanish Inquisition quotes that came in my mind while working on my icons.

LJ: I'm probably just stupid, but ... did they change to comment setting? Because I used to get my comments mailed and that was it. Now they are aditionally showing up in my inbox and I can't find a way to get that back to normal. Comments mailed - yes, Comments in the inbox - No

DW: I has a Flexible Squares layout!!! Thanks to [personal profile] eumelkeks who was linked by someone to a link that linked to ... well, you get the idea ... *lol*
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