charon: ((drink))
charon ([personal profile] charon) wrote on September 9th, 2011 at 09:03 pm
I think I overdosed on apple crumble. I felt like having some today and since I had the time I googled a recipe and managed to throw it all together without accidents. And since I had bought a whole bag of apples and since there was only so little apple crumble left for Marco I made some more ... and ate some more.

I totally blame the side effects of this overdose for feeling strangely attracted to this:

I mean, I adore him and all that, but usually not in "that" way. Is it the cane? I think it's the cane ... there's something sexy about a pimp cane ... with a skull ...

Also - weekend!!!! And I have 3 days off! Although, one of them is almost over already.
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