11 January 2012 @ 04:10 pm
oath otters!
Word of the day is Eid-Otter (oath otter), which is how a voice software chose to pronounce Ei-Dotter (egg yolk). Of course, the problem is, that the proper German spelling of that word is Eidotter and the software doesn't know where to put a break in the word, since all four words exist and since software is basically stupid. But it still kept me amused for quite a while (yes, I AM easily amused).

I watched an episode of American Horror Story ... does this get any better? It's like they are ticking off all the boxes on the list of horror clichés. Family has issues, moves in a haunted house, enter some creepy neighbours and some carefully dropped hints of impending doom. I got bored with the horror genre for exactly that.

Talking TV ... I was just wondering what the big twist in the story of the next Sherlock episode might be and my money is on "Moriarty is dead, or is he?" I'm just writing this down to come back here next week and laugh at how wrong I was.
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02 January 2012 @ 03:35 pm
Hey, alles glänzt, so schön neu.
Happy New Year, everyone!

When exactly is the world supposed to end this year, btw? I want to plan ahead a bit, because the last end of the world was quite nice ... we had fresh strawberries and drinks and Doctor Who was on and then we watched some Star Trek ... and then they rescheduled the end of the world of course.

So, new Sherlock. Brilliant! Yes? YES!
I don't get the wank about the ending (remember this is Moffat ... what did you expect?) but the most important question - is Moriarty still pretending that he has pretended to be gay? After THAT ringtone? I mean ... raise your hand if you are a straight man who would consider a 70s disco song for your ringtone one? Thought so.
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31 August 2010 @ 07:02 pm
As a sleeper in metropolis, you are insignificant
I watched the unaired Sherlock pilot last weekend and I read a lot of likes/dislikes about it ... but I find it hard to compose such a list, because I watched it on a very meta level. But before I get to that ... what a missed opportunity to turn it into a cheesy vampire series, BBC. This scene had such potential. :p

Anyway, back to the pilot. I know the plot because it's pretty much the same plot as the first episode, so I started to analyze different takes on the same scenes and that's what makes it really precious to me. Because it's rare in TV that you get to see different takes on more or less the same script and also different takes on the same role by the same actor. Usually, you have to go to the theater for that.

And talking about different takes on the same thing - I finally watched 9 (yes, I said I would write something less pointless about it), which is of course based on a short film and pretty much has the same plot. Strange little men fighting for survival in a post apocalyptic scenario and finding out a bit about how it all came to pass. I really love the characters, because they are so cute without having the ultra sweet family-friendly-Disney layers of cuteness and they make it very worth watching. But for the plot alone, you can easily get most of it from the short film.

Btw, is anyone else having frequent problems with Twitter recently? I couldn't access it from my mobile for hours today and now I'm not getting any updates through the firefox plug in either ...
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10 August 2010 @ 10:32 am
Can I trust you with my 6 million $ in gold?*
Inception: Funny how opinions can differ. Some friends found it very confusing and didn't get it, while I thought it was a very straight forward story, for Nolan anyway. I mean, if you pay attention when the "rules" are explained everything is quite obvious ... I might have to introduce some people to Memento, just to make them redefine the term "confusing film".

Sherlock: Still liking it, still wanting a full series ... however, WTF Moriarty? That character was really badly played or badly written or badly directed or I don't know ... just a total waste. He's supposed to be Holmes equal and I didn't get that vibe at all. I was watching that scene and was hoping that someone would just push the annoying brat in the pool. And I don't think that's the feeling the audience should have about the arch enemy of the hero. Anyway, I pre-ordered the BluRay and there's supposed to be the unaired pilot on and I'm very much looking forward to this, although there certainly is a good reason why it is an UNaired pilot.

All my TV is still on the computer, btw, since we're still TV less. Which is of course to blame on the terribly eccentric idea (or so it seems) to get a white TV. Because while the black version of our desired model is available everywhere it will take quite a few weeks to get it delivered in white. But I have a computer for the important stuff and for everything else there is that old school thing called reading, so I don't mind to be without TV.

Seems I missed "vampire awareness month" ... yeah, I know, WTF?! It's pretty hard at the moment to NOT be aware of them, with Twilight shower curtains sold next to the tomatoes you intend to buy in the supermarket and all. It's like having a weather awareness month.

*anyone any idea how heavy that would be? I want to be prepared and have a good place to hide it, for when the spamer shows up to trust me ...
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07 August 2010 @ 03:35 pm
Doctor Watson in the Tardis
If you're a Doctor Who fan and sad that a) you have to wait till Christmas for a new episode b) the "gay agenda" came to an end when RTD retired to the US and c) you are missing Cardiff, pretending to be London ... then, Sherlock is totally your series ... or mini-series, since it's only 3 episodes. As a bonus, you get Mark Gatiss for the "spot the Doctor Who actor" game.

Yes, I had quite a few moments thinking "the Doctor would totally do that ... and that ... and that too ..." and I could imagine Matt Smith in the Tardis with pretty much the same dialog. Am I accusing Moffat of recycling ideas he could not use for Doctor Who for this? Not really, because if you think about it, Sherlock Holmes and the Doctor aren't all that different in character. They are both odd characters and most of the time they are smarter than everyone else in the room and they can be quite arrogant about it. So yeah, it's very understandable that a writer would approach both characters in pretty much the same way.

The modern setting works well for me, although I got a bit tired of the whole text message stuff in the first episode. They managed to keep the mood and the general britishness of the Holmes stories, so it's not totally unrecognizable, like many other modern takes on something classic are. So yeah, bring on the last episode and promote it to a proper series.

Today's free book finds: A collection of Franz Kafka's works in pretty hardcover editions. Next time I visit my free books source I'll take my battered paperback copies there ... nice trade *grins*. Talking books - is it really that odd to collect the stuff you find in used books? And if yes, what do you do with loveletters, postcards or money from countries that don't exist anymore? Just throw that stuff away?!
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