19 May 2012 @ 12:56 pm
I read on the internet, that not everything you read on the internet is true ... now I'm confused!
So, that new CBS Sherlock Holmes series? I decided to have an opinion on it ... hehe ... it's the internet after all. I'm still pretty much in the "wait and see" camp (especially "see", since Lucy Liu is hot and Jonny Lee Miller takes off his shirt ...) but I'm so not happy with the things I read about the story so far.

Basically, they managed to get rid of the greatest mystery by turning Watson into Holmes' nanny. No wondering how and/or why these two ended up together, no wondering what the attraction is, no wondering why someone like Watson would follow someone like Holmes around, even after he found a new place in life with a wife and practice, no wondering why Holmes likes to be around Watson while he has little patience for others of equal intellect ... nope, this Watson was hired to play nanny for an ex addict.

In the words of dear Sherlock: Dull. In the words of dear me: Why bother calling this Sherlock Holmes at all and subjecting a good actor like Jonny Lee Miller to yet another round of "but Cumberbatch did it better"?!

On other news: Fuck that winter weather in the middle of May - we are having frozen Strawberry Daiquiris tonight!
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24 March 2012 @ 02:01 pm
Quick one
The logic of the people responsible for TV in Germany never fails to amuse me, which might probably be part of the job description, who knows ... one of these days I'll ask.

Anyway in the latest episode of the comedy we have "Game of Thrones", which is currently showing over here. The people responsible didn't bother to change the title, because apparently they assume their German audience will know what "Game of Thrones" means ... but apparently that very same audience is not assumed to be able to deal with the original names of the characters, so many of these were changed. WTF? I never got around to watch the show before, so I thought I give it a try now, despite the dubbing but all these name changes put me right out of the story. I guess it's DVDs for me after all.

I had a lot of other stuff on my mind that I wanted to write about once I have time for an update and now I have forgotten. Maybe I should just because one of those people who update their Facebook Gesichtsbuch status every other minute with something pointless *sigh*

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28 February 2012 @ 11:16 am
It's true, I saw it on TV ...
I came across two TV shows that premiered on German TV last night. Usually I know about shows by the time they finally arrive on German TV and usually they have been on one of the English channels we receive before that too ... but I'm really clueless about these two, so I gave them a try.

1.Terra Nova (tries to be a cross between Primeval, Jurassic Park, Star Gate and every "the future on earth will be bad" type of Science Fiction)  and 2.Touch (not sure where this is going ... maybe it tries to be the next Lost or something and will most likely fail ... but it features Kiefer Sutherland, so might be worth watching?)

Is anyone watching these? Opinions?
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11 January 2012 @ 04:10 pm
oath otters!
Word of the day is Eid-Otter (oath otter), which is how a voice software chose to pronounce Ei-Dotter (egg yolk). Of course, the problem is, that the proper German spelling of that word is Eidotter and the software doesn't know where to put a break in the word, since all four words exist and since software is basically stupid. But it still kept me amused for quite a while (yes, I AM easily amused).

I watched an episode of American Horror Story ... does this get any better? It's like they are ticking off all the boxes on the list of horror clichés. Family has issues, moves in a haunted house, enter some creepy neighbours and some carefully dropped hints of impending doom. I got bored with the horror genre for exactly that.

Talking TV ... I was just wondering what the big twist in the story of the next Sherlock episode might be and my money is on "Moriarty is dead, or is he?" I'm just writing this down to come back here next week and laugh at how wrong I was.
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20 September 2011 @ 07:45 pm
Say it once, say it twice, take the chance and roll the dice
It's that time of the year again ... Halloween approaching. Again. And we're in need of a theme for a party. Again.

In previous years it was usually something we (meaning the people involved in the planning) liked at the moment. So, mostly a theme based on a book, movie or series but this year we're a bit lost. Themes based on contemporary stuff are boring when it comes to party decoration and costumes, themes based on very CGIed stuff like X-men are boring too, since CGI doesn't translate to reality (although I wouldn't mind the girls dressed in blue paint ...).

We agreed to do nothing vampire this year, since we had Vampire Slayers last year and before that Bella was a fangbanger and Undead Baroque. Not all in a row of course, but still, enough with the vamps for a bit.

Any thoughts on Warehouse 13? I saw a pretty awesome looking trailer, but a lot of trailers have looked awesome and then the real thing was pretty bad. So yeah, anyone watching this? Worth my time?
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27 May 2010 @ 11:05 am
Watch more TV ...
Lost is gone for good, Supernatural and Vampire Diaries are done with their seasons, Fringe is on a break here, Flashforward has been cancelled and therefor I lost interest ... in other words, not much TV left to watch for me these days. Basically, there's Doctor Who,True Blood in the future and probably Tudors too (I'm watching this on the "real" TV and they haven't announced anything yet)

Soooo ... new shows!
I thought, maybe a Life on Mars rewatch and then Ashes to Ashes. I never got around to watching the second one because it didn't fit in my schedule. But after that? I'm not sure ... there doesn't seem to be anything new and exciting at the moment. Or am I missing something? I probably am.

And, although it might attract the crazies (no, not talking about you, f-listers *lol*), I need to have a little Supernatural rant

... rant! )
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