31 August 2010 @ 07:02 pm
As a sleeper in metropolis, you are insignificant
I watched the unaired Sherlock pilot last weekend and I read a lot of likes/dislikes about it ... but I find it hard to compose such a list, because I watched it on a very meta level. But before I get to that ... what a missed opportunity to turn it into a cheesy vampire series, BBC. This scene had such potential. :p

Anyway, back to the pilot. I know the plot because it's pretty much the same plot as the first episode, so I started to analyze different takes on the same scenes and that's what makes it really precious to me. Because it's rare in TV that you get to see different takes on more or less the same script and also different takes on the same role by the same actor. Usually, you have to go to the theater for that.

And talking about different takes on the same thing - I finally watched 9 (yes, I said I would write something less pointless about it), which is of course based on a short film and pretty much has the same plot. Strange little men fighting for survival in a post apocalyptic scenario and finding out a bit about how it all came to pass. I really love the characters, because they are so cute without having the ultra sweet family-friendly-Disney layers of cuteness and they make it very worth watching. But for the plot alone, you can easily get most of it from the short film.

Btw, is anyone else having frequent problems with Twitter recently? I couldn't access it from my mobile for hours today and now I'm not getting any updates through the firefox plug in either ...
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07 May 2009 @ 05:32 pm
9, icons ... not nine icons ...
Sooo ... I was browsing the various LJ coms (yeah for most of the day off!) and came across this:

... and had quite a little deja vu, because a while ago I made this:

Ok, the copy features the Doctor, which is a good thing ... but ... what happened to new ideas? And where's the fun in icon making when you just reproduce someone else's idea?

Talking icon making - I started some 9 icons :)
These little dolls are probably supposed to look creepy or something, since it's post apocalyptic and all that - but I think they are totally cute with these big eyes. I wish I had better sewing skills because I would totally make a 9 (that's the one in the middle, with the zipper) if I could.

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