10 August 2010 @ 10:32 am
Can I trust you with my 6 million $ in gold?*
Inception: Funny how opinions can differ. Some friends found it very confusing and didn't get it, while I thought it was a very straight forward story, for Nolan anyway. I mean, if you pay attention when the "rules" are explained everything is quite obvious ... I might have to introduce some people to Memento, just to make them redefine the term "confusing film".

Sherlock: Still liking it, still wanting a full series ... however, WTF Moriarty? That character was really badly played or badly written or badly directed or I don't know ... just a total waste. He's supposed to be Holmes equal and I didn't get that vibe at all. I was watching that scene and was hoping that someone would just push the annoying brat in the pool. And I don't think that's the feeling the audience should have about the arch enemy of the hero. Anyway, I pre-ordered the BluRay and there's supposed to be the unaired pilot on and I'm very much looking forward to this, although there certainly is a good reason why it is an UNaired pilot.

All my TV is still on the computer, btw, since we're still TV less. Which is of course to blame on the terribly eccentric idea (or so it seems) to get a white TV. Because while the black version of our desired model is available everywhere it will take quite a few weeks to get it delivered in white. But I have a computer for the important stuff and for everything else there is that old school thing called reading, so I don't mind to be without TV.

Seems I missed "vampire awareness month" ... yeah, I know, WTF?! It's pretty hard at the moment to NOT be aware of them, with Twilight shower curtains sold next to the tomatoes you intend to buy in the supermarket and all. It's like having a weather awareness month.

*anyone any idea how heavy that would be? I want to be prepared and have a good place to hide it, for when the spamer shows up to trust me ...
how: good