27 April 2012 @ 11:31 pm
Dear new Marilyn Manson album - "if you want to read lyrics, go on the internet"? Seriously? Why do you think I chose to get an actual CD? Little hint - it's not because I want to go on the internet. If this is how CDs are going to be from now on, with no proper booklet and no lyrics, I might as well save some resources in the future.
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15 December 2011 @ 07:11 pm
Here's something weird ... I got the "Girl with the dragon tattoo" soundtrack (because! Trent Reznor!) and before that I had no intentions to watch the movie ... I read the book, I saw the Swedish movie, I don't like to support Hollywood's lack or original ideas ...

But now I'm wondering how the music will work in the movie and I might end up watching it after all. There aren't a lot of movies I'm looking forward to anyway (see comment above, the one about the lack of original ideas ...). We're going to watch the new Sherlock Holmes movie on Saturday though. I can't quite take it seriously (as a Sherlock Holmes adaptation, that is) but it will be fun. Talking about fun .. fun fact - whoever translated the movie title to German turned "A game of shadows" into "Game in the shadows" ... apparently, language skills are not required for the job.

Also, I have yet another YA literature burnout. I started quite a few books and then decided that none of them is worth my time. With authors trying to rewrite Twilight for the xth time this can hardly be blamed on me though, can it? I need to rearrange my "to read" pile and put everything with a female main character, supernatural elements and relationships in geometrical shapes to the very bottom.
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06 July 2010 @ 10:40 pm
Eric Northman is now following you on Twitter!
I noticed recently, that I'm totally annoyed by the Michael Jackson "fans" that are popping up everywhere.

Yes, he was part of my childhood too. Yes, I got a couple of his albums, because some of his songs are brilliant enough to get noticed by someone like me, who isn't usually into pop music. BUT if I put a Michael Jackson poster in my living room like two, three years ago ... what reaction would I have gotten for it? Yeah, exactly. If I would do the same thing now, it would be totally acceptable.

It all feels so fake to me. If you have been a fan of the guy since you were a kid - why come out now? Why put up a poster now? Why consider a tattoo now? When it's cool and socialy acceptable? Why not before he died?

Also, I just noticed that while I thought the whole 70s thing in "Life on Mars" was pretty cool, that Very!80s of "Ashes to Ashes" makes me gringe a little ... I think it's because I actually remember some of that stuff from my early life. Also, was 1981 really that 80s? I mean, all the stuff we now see as typical 80s ... it surely didn't just pop up when 1979 ended, there certainly was a period of several years when people still looked sort of 70s and lived in 70s homes and all that? I know it's probably done on purpose, but it's confusing me a little.
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14 April 2010 @ 09:13 pm
Your car is very tardis-like ... I thought it would be cleaner
I'm feeling old. Me and Marco just talked about music videos and our youth as children of the Viva 2 (most awesome music channel ever) generation ... and it all feels like history and in a way it is. It's been over 8 years since they shut Viva 2 down and it all went rapidly downhill from there on to hit the bottom where the stupid reality shows are waiting. Back then, you got the see the whole video from beginning to end, and the only interruption was a little text at the bottom to tell you the name of the artist and the song ... *sigh* ... those were the days.

Anyho, on to the fun stuff. I caught up with a couple of things:

Lost: I LOVE it when they do stuff like the Desmond episode that destroyed a couple of the most populare flash sideways theories. It's Lost after all, you can't expect to have anything figured out in the middle of the season ... or five minutes before the season finale ends, for that matter.

Doctor Who: "There's a star whale, waiting in the sky. He'd like to come and meet us, but he thinks he'd blow our minds ..."   (I admit, I had to borrow quite a bit of stuff from David Bowie for that totally serious review)

Reading: Her Fearfull Symetry. Not sure if I like it as much as Time Traveler's Wife, but it was weird enough to keep me entertained and I don't understand the complaints about the ending. I guess I just don't need a happily ever after for everyone ...

Gym: After months without exercising properly ... pain.
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06 April 2010 @ 10:39 pm
Music and decadence in the Tardis
- So, I'm back home and usually, one of the first things I do is putting on some music. However, I just noticed that I'm really bored with my music and there's nothing I feel like listening too. I just haven't had the time to get into new stuff during the last couple of months, but I have hundreds of CDs, so there should be something ... but there isn't. Is this my losing my love for music?

- I read a news item about people putting videos of Ipad destroying on youtube and it just makes me sick. How decadent has this society become when you can spend like 500 Dollars on something and then smash it to pieces? How sick is it when people think their claim to fame is a video that shows them destroying something? And how sad is it that other people think this is actually funny?

- Rewatching Doctor Who made me realize that I could build like half a Tardis console with the junk I have stored in various boxes to build lamps and lightsabers and stuff like that, or that I use for decoration ...
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08 November 2009 @ 06:16 pm
Deck the halls and jingle the bells
Any Rammstein fans left on my f-list?

If so, does anyone know anything about their new album being put on the index or something? Because they just said on the radio that they can't play these songs, which is especially strange since this is not a mainstream radio station. They usually aren't bothered by any "bad" words in songs, they'll play bands like Combichrist (I've yet to find a CC song that doesn't contain "shit" or "fuck" or variations of both) or Die Form (I've yet to find a song that isn't about sex and or violence) in the middle of the day ... so I suspect it must be something official rather than a decission of the station itself

I did some Christmas shopping today with my grandma. Well, just candle market really, because she's low on candles and I wanted some really big ones, which I couldn't find at IKEA. But it was all so christmasy with the music and the candles and the food and drinks (first mulled wine of the season!) and now I feel like I really should put up a tree and some decoration and start thinking about presents ...

Also, the wall came down 20 years ago. Yeah, I know that. Yeah, it's great. Yeah, especially for us in Berlin. Yeah, yeah, yeah ... but do we have to watch and read stuff about it every bloody year? It's boring and it's history. Nothing wrong with history, but the very nature of history is, that it's about stuff in the past, so there's nothing new to report. So, if you live in Germany and don't suffer from Alzheimer or something else with a similar effect to your memory you KNOW that stuff already.
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