30 July 2012 @ 09:11 pm
Planet earth is blue and there is nothing I can do
I wasted an hour of m life on an exibition of so called artistic photographs. Call me old fashioned, but I don't see anything artistic in a blurry photograph. Yes, there are blurry pictures that turn out looking very interesting. Yes, I did a whole series of blurry pictures of the last Christmas illumination ... but fact is, most blurry pictures just look like blurry pictures and some of the ones that the "artist" considered worth showing looked remarkably what my nephew produced when he was like 6. Back then he wanted to take pictures like the grown ups and got someone's old camera and was happily snapping pictures all day, not bothering with minor details like focus or picture composition of course.

Other things I noticed this week - it doesn't matter where the summer Olympics take place, I just don't care. I thought I might care a bit, since they are in London this year but I just don't. I watched like ten minutes of swimming and there isn't even stuff to watch really. Basically, you see a pool and splashing water and then you're told who won, because in most cases you can't even see that with your own eyes.

Also, I noticed that an iPod Touch is like a castrated iPhone, which is weird. I wonder how long it would take me till I tried to make a call with it if I owned one.

And finally, The Hobbit - which is about 5 times smaller than LOTR - gets 3 movies. That's a little much, isn't it? I find the Hollywood habbit of turning one book into two movies a bit annoying already but 3? Going by the size of the source material, Peter Jackson would owe us another 12 LOTR movies, can you imagine that? I realize that stuff that was cut from LOTR will probably make it in The Hobbit 3 and of course there are other stories that can be used too, but still ... and of course I will watch all 3 Hobbit movies anyway, I will probably even endure 3D.
10 May 2012 @ 11:00 pm
Gayer than a tree full of monkeys high on nitrous oxide
So, Good Omens will be turned into ... a mini series. Nothing wrong with that, but I was hoping for something bigger. I'm now a bit worried about the casting and also about all the chances they will make.

The book is in my mind quite perfect the way it is and some years ago I read a movie script that told an almost totally different story. I do remember a funny bit though, which had Aziraphale and Crowley looking for rooms in a small town and Crowley called Aziraphale "angel", which lead to them having a very hard time to find rooms, since everyone assumed they are a gay couple and pretended to be booked out.

Anyway, thoughts? I know there are some Good Omens fans around here.

Also, I finally managed to watch "Wir sind die Nacht", which wasn't bad at all, especially when considering that it's a German!Vampire!Movie! Treating eternal life like a neverending party that spirals out of control makes so much more sense than life as an eternal student.
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31 January 2012 @ 09:58 pm
We're all going to freeeeeeeze ... to death or something
Ehem ...dear neighbours, ordering a huge carpet from Amazon (is there anything they are not selling?!) is fine, when you are actually at home when the bloody thing is delivered! But since you were absent it is now sitting in our hallway and it's blocking two doors and if I have to step over it for much longer I might reconsider my being-a-nice-neighbour attitude.

On other news - winter has finally arrived in Germany and this seems to be a totally newsworthy event. Only, it's not. Cold weather and a bit of snow is what is SUPPOSED to happen in winter in Europe, it's normal! And no, I don't need to be told by several newspeople that it's cold, I noticed that myself. Like, when I left the house this morning!!!

But on to the good stuff - customs did not interfere with my order from , so I have Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy to watch and Sherlock to rewatch. I really wish they would put some more extras on the Sherlock DVDs though. I'm sure they did get some good material for a gag reel.

And let's end this entry on a bitchy note, just like it started (for symmetry's sake and stuff) - I'm NOT going to watch Star Wars 3D. Nope. Not going to happen. The 3D hater in me wins over the Star Wars fan, that might say something like "but it's Star Wars on the big screen!!!". I watched it more than once in the cinema and I own the DVD and anyway, stop trying to sell the same movies over and over again, George Lucas!
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26 January 2012 @ 11:46 pm
You're not Napoleon! You're just an Extra!
I watched The Artist with some friends last night and it's totally awesome. And I'm not just saying that because I love silent movies anyway. It doesn't have the most authentic look (by which I mean you can tell it's a modern movie) but I guess you do have to consider the general audience and what they are used to and this movie is far from conventional already. So I guess the authentic look wasn't a big priority but I did missed the guyliner a bit.

Also, is Uggy nominated for something? His part qualifies as supporting role for sure, non?
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21 January 2012 @ 02:42 pm
Mostly harmless update
In case you're owning a cinema in Germany and wonder why no one is showing up ... here's one of many reasons why:

I was just ordering Sherlock on and came across an ad for Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. This will be out on the 30th, which is BEFORE German cinemas even bother showing it. Now ... I want to see it, Marco wants to see it, my mum wants to see it, my grandparents want to see it ... doing the maths, I get a pretty steelbook edition plus popcorn and drinks for the money we would otherwise spend on tickets and we won't have trouble finding a showing of an undubbed version either.

Now I'm off to the public bookshelves. I have packed six books I want to donate, so the plan is to not return with more than six books, excluding books I already own (if I find a pretty edition of a book I already own in a less pretty edition I exchange them and take the less pretty edition back ... so this doesn't really count as a new book). It probably won't work, because it never works and because I can't resist the lure of a free book, but I'll try ;-)
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15 December 2011 @ 07:11 pm
Here's something weird ... I got the "Girl with the dragon tattoo" soundtrack (because! Trent Reznor!) and before that I had no intentions to watch the movie ... I read the book, I saw the Swedish movie, I don't like to support Hollywood's lack or original ideas ...

But now I'm wondering how the music will work in the movie and I might end up watching it after all. There aren't a lot of movies I'm looking forward to anyway (see comment above, the one about the lack of original ideas ...). We're going to watch the new Sherlock Holmes movie on Saturday though. I can't quite take it seriously (as a Sherlock Holmes adaptation, that is) but it will be fun. Talking about fun .. fun fact - whoever translated the movie title to German turned "A game of shadows" into "Game in the shadows" ... apparently, language skills are not required for the job.

Also, I have yet another YA literature burnout. I started quite a few books and then decided that none of them is worth my time. With authors trying to rewrite Twilight for the xth time this can hardly be blamed on me though, can it? I need to rearrange my "to read" pile and put everything with a female main character, supernatural elements and relationships in geometrical shapes to the very bottom.
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22 August 2011 @ 01:57 pm
String Theory - the movie
During the last weeks I had several conversations off and online about 3D movies and think the subject needs further investigation
Raise your hand if you are still excited about 3D movies
. Or at least, if the idea of having to pay extra to watch a movie with silly glasses isn't annoying you.

Because everyone I know (talking adults here, kids are probably a bit different) is rolling their eyes when reading "3D" on a movie poster and is looking for ways to watch the movie in 2D instead. In a way that's funny, because at the hight of the 3D hype it was predicted that small cinemas would suffer because they can't afford 3D technology and now they seem to be more in demand than before. Last time I went to the retro cinema it was packed and I don't think it was all people who suddenly enjoy a break in the middle of the movie, where snacks are served by girls in cute uniforms.

Personally, I think I would still enjoy 3D movies if they came in small doses. I'm still fond of the 3D movies I watched as a kid - something about underwater life and something about space - because the whole experience was special. But since every second movie is made in 3D these days that whole special aspect - which would make you accept higher ticket prices and stupid glasses - is gone.
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