06 July 2010 @ 10:40 pm
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I noticed recently, that I'm totally annoyed by the Michael Jackson "fans" that are popping up everywhere.

Yes, he was part of my childhood too. Yes, I got a couple of his albums, because some of his songs are brilliant enough to get noticed by someone like me, who isn't usually into pop music. BUT if I put a Michael Jackson poster in my living room like two, three years ago ... what reaction would I have gotten for it? Yeah, exactly. If I would do the same thing now, it would be totally acceptable.

It all feels so fake to me. If you have been a fan of the guy since you were a kid - why come out now? Why put up a poster now? Why consider a tattoo now? When it's cool and socialy acceptable? Why not before he died?

Also, I just noticed that while I thought the whole 70s thing in "Life on Mars" was pretty cool, that Very!80s of "Ashes to Ashes" makes me gringe a little ... I think it's because I actually remember some of that stuff from my early life. Also, was 1981 really that 80s? I mean, all the stuff we now see as typical 80s ... it surely didn't just pop up when 1979 ended, there certainly was a period of several years when people still looked sort of 70s and lived in 70s homes and all that? I know it's probably done on purpose, but it's confusing me a little.
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