24 December 2009 @ 10:13 am
Happy Holidays!
I'm a bit early with this, but there are aparently still some delayed flights due to the weather, so I was told to be at the airport earlier ... yeah, doesn't make much sense to me either ... EARLIER because of a DELAY? Doesn't the word delay imply that something is later, rather than earlier?

Oh well, nevermind. I'm packing my stuff now and then I'm off to my yearly Christmas visit and I'll be available on Twitter only.

Happy Holidays!!!!

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08 November 2009 @ 06:16 pm
Deck the halls and jingle the bells
Any Rammstein fans left on my f-list?

If so, does anyone know anything about their new album being put on the index or something? Because they just said on the radio that they can't play these songs, which is especially strange since this is not a mainstream radio station. They usually aren't bothered by any "bad" words in songs, they'll play bands like Combichrist (I've yet to find a CC song that doesn't contain "shit" or "fuck" or variations of both) or Die Form (I've yet to find a song that isn't about sex and or violence) in the middle of the day ... so I suspect it must be something official rather than a decission of the station itself

I did some Christmas shopping today with my grandma. Well, just candle market really, because she's low on candles and I wanted some really big ones, which I couldn't find at IKEA. But it was all so christmasy with the music and the candles and the food and drinks (first mulled wine of the season!) and now I feel like I really should put up a tree and some decoration and start thinking about presents ...

Also, the wall came down 20 years ago. Yeah, I know that. Yeah, it's great. Yeah, especially for us in Berlin. Yeah, yeah, yeah ... but do we have to watch and read stuff about it every bloody year? It's boring and it's history. Nothing wrong with history, but the very nature of history is, that it's about stuff in the past, so there's nothing new to report. So, if you live in Germany and don't suffer from Alzheimer or something else with a similar effect to your memory you KNOW that stuff already.
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