25 February 2012 @ 11:34 am
Another piece of my childhood gone ...
... because I threw away all my VHS tapes. I kept them for nostalgic reasons (I guess) and thought I would go back and look at the stuff I once thought was worth recording ... but deep down I knew this wasn't really going to happen. And now my mum threw out her VHS player and mine has been gone for a couple of years already, so watching old recordings wouldn't be easy anyway.

On other news:

- we're getting a new internet provider, because Marco thinks we could do with more speed for less money. I'm all for less money, but I never really notice the speed differences. Anyway, if I should drop off the internet it's because (yet another) internet provider fucked up.

- I just checked out the new first reads that are listed on goodreads and the first listing (available for my country of residence) says "Having just been turned by her gorgeous vampire boyfriend, eighteen-year-old ..." ... people are still writing that stuff? AND people are still READING that stuff??!! I'm not judging the people who applied for this book, btw. it's a free book after all and I have applied for some questionable stuff over time too. If I don't like it, well, I lost nothing and the public bookshelves I frequent always welcome donations.

- Unpopular Oscars opinion: I'm tired of the German media and their Clooney obsession. I don't find him very interesting or outstanding in movies, never did. Plus, I want Jean Dujardin and Gary Oldman to win. Yes, both of them.

- @ [personal profile] keli  - that dragon is so cute! Thanks a lot! :D

- can someone point out some Spock vs. Sherlock fic please? I KNOW it's out there somewhere ... or will be soon, after that first Star Trek picture ...
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20 May 2011 @ 05:53 pm
Judgement day - the bible guarantees it!
I just came across a "family friendly" fan fiction com and I'm starting to think that "family friendly" is quite a stupid term in this context. What it really means is suitable for minors, but families? I mean, who would sit down with their family to read fan fiction? And don't most of us not like to have their online life separated from their real life? This term might make sense for TV or cinema but for everything else? Not so much.

Also, Doctor Who! How will Rory die tomorrow? And was last week's 1.5 second death caused by old age? Just wondering for the statistics, you know. Oh, and good news, btw. The bible guaranteed judgement day is scheduled for 6 pm local time. That's local time in some American time zone, so, after Doctor Who. Thanks for considering my TV schedule and my BBQ. Although, the weather might get in the way of that.

And finally - dull grey Ipod versus dull black Ipod? Which one of these dull options should I get? My orange nano model died and the classic model sounds great (160GB!!!!! and no extra shit I don't need anyway), only, it doesn't look great. When did Apple get all boring with the colours? Only the two small Ipods come in fancy colours and they are not what I want. Too tiny and also too expensive, if you put storage in relation to the price.
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01 October 2010 @ 03:50 pm
Dear internet ...
... filling pages of pages of forum space with comments about reality shows that you say you DON'T watch and DON'T care about tell me that you actually DO watch them or that you at least care enough to talk about them.

Also a top example of the intelligence of the net is a conversation I had last night that went something like this:
A: How many books are there?
B: It's a trilogy
A: And how many books belong to that trilogy?
C (as in Charon): 42
B: *lol* obviously
A: seriously? 42?! I think I'll rather check out something else ...

Oh, and I was picking up license plates for a boat transporter this morning and I went to this administration building and I heard some employees talking about FACEBOOK! Sure, the Gesichtsbuch is used by all kinds of people, so why shouldn't they have one too? However, I think it takes away a lot of your authority when you're having a school yard style conversation in front of your customers, doesn't it?

ETA: I just noticed on the little calender I have on my DW layout that it says October ... eh ... I feel a tiny bit out of touch ... but anyway, yeah October, only four more weeks till my favourite holiday. Let's decorate the crystal jars with Talbot and the microwave with eyeballs.
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22 May 2009 @ 06:44 pm
Perlen der GroƟstadt
I sorted over 50 books out, however, most of them are going to book trading - which means I'll get other books in return.

I don't give a crap about casting shows, however, I'm positively surprised to read that "Germany's next topmodel" let a black girl win this year and not just allow her to be on the show for political correctness ... the way it usually works with these shows.

Also, is it a) pathetic or b) very pathetic to walk by a Mc Donalds, notice the ad for their free movie magazine in a window and turn around to walk in and get one ... because it has a Star Trek cover. I was also far too happy to find a little article about Doctor Who in there (apparently season 2 is out on DVDs in Germany now), because I've never read anything about this show in a German magazine before.

PS: I started a graphic journal on here too! [community profile] photoshopped 
It's the same as the one on LJ, almost the same layout too, just starting with the entries for 2009. But I'll crosspost from now on.

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