charon: (Doctor 11)
charon ([personal profile] charon) wrote on May 20th, 2011 at 05:53 pm
Judgement day - the bible guarantees it!
I just came across a "family friendly" fan fiction com and I'm starting to think that "family friendly" is quite a stupid term in this context. What it really means is suitable for minors, but families? I mean, who would sit down with their family to read fan fiction? And don't most of us not like to have their online life separated from their real life? This term might make sense for TV or cinema but for everything else? Not so much.

Also, Doctor Who! How will Rory die tomorrow? And was last week's 1.5 second death caused by old age? Just wondering for the statistics, you know. Oh, and good news, btw. The bible guaranteed judgement day is scheduled for 6 pm local time. That's local time in some American time zone, so, after Doctor Who. Thanks for considering my TV schedule and my BBQ. Although, the weather might get in the way of that.

And finally - dull grey Ipod versus dull black Ipod? Which one of these dull options should I get? My orange nano model died and the classic model sounds great (160GB!!!!! and no extra shit I don't need anyway), only, it doesn't look great. When did Apple get all boring with the colours? Only the two small Ipods come in fancy colours and they are not what I want. Too tiny and also too expensive, if you put storage in relation to the price.
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