01 October 2010 @ 03:50 pm
Dear internet ...
... filling pages of pages of forum space with comments about reality shows that you say you DON'T watch and DON'T care about tell me that you actually DO watch them or that you at least care enough to talk about them.

Also a top example of the intelligence of the net is a conversation I had last night that went something like this:
A: How many books are there?
B: It's a trilogy
A: And how many books belong to that trilogy?
C (as in Charon): 42
B: *lol* obviously
A: seriously? 42?! I think I'll rather check out something else ...

Oh, and I was picking up license plates for a boat transporter this morning and I went to this administration building and I heard some employees talking about FACEBOOK! Sure, the Gesichtsbuch is used by all kinds of people, so why shouldn't they have one too? However, I think it takes away a lot of your authority when you're having a school yard style conversation in front of your customers, doesn't it?

ETA: I just noticed on the little calender I have on my DW layout that it says October ... eh ... I feel a tiny bit out of touch ... but anyway, yeah October, only four more weeks till my favourite holiday. Let's decorate the crystal jars with Talbot and the microwave with eyeballs.
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