05 August 2010 @ 12:08 am
Reality is classified as an uncertain concept
Random thoughts about random stuff I watched ...

Eclipse: Does anyone else think that Edward needs his Disney Princess sparkling sound back?

True Blood: Let's see ... Pam - chained to a table, Tara - tied up in various ways, Bill - chained to the ground, Sophie Ann - in a cage, Sam - on a leash ... Raise your hand if you see a pattern here that might in some way or another relate to certain sexual preferences, possibly those of the script writers.

Ashes to Ashes: Yeah, like half a year after everyone else, I finished it. Quite nicely wrapped up, I think. Unless you are that poor Quattro. Alex never really grew on me though. I didn't hate her like some people seemed to do, I just find her mildly irritating most of the time. But my favourite has always been Gene Hunt anyway.

Next on the to watch list is Sherlock (it's Holmes, it's Moffat ... what could possibly go wrong) and Inception. I just noticed that I really have forgiven DiCaprio for Titanic, it's been a while and quite a few films since I cringed at the idea of watching him in something.

And on a totally unrelated note - I'm considering a new cologne ... ;-)

how: sleepy
what: Air - New star in the sky