09 May 2009 @ 11:58 pm
Space, the final frontier ...
... these are the voyages of Captain Charon and Doctor Marco ... who boldly go where no man has gone before and tried to get in a Star Trek showing without pre-ordered tickets. Cause their bloody pre-order thingy was down.

*dramatic music*

And suceeded!!! Yiha! And it was totally worth it too. Loved the movie! :D

Ok, I think since there was a problem with the system no one was able to pre-order and some people probably didn't try to get the tickets directly at the counter instead. But still ... we had mentally planned a boring night at the pub already.

On other news:
Lost: Something bloody and final needs to happen to Kate. I'm so bored of her. Also, Ben's status of resident bad ass is in danger and I'm not sure if I approve of that.

I noticed last night that I haven't posted any icon sets this year. When did real life become too busy to make icons? I'm back in the mood now though ... although, I will never be able to watch Angels and Demons and keep a straight face, not after all the Spanish Inquisition quotes that came in my mind while working on my icons.

LJ: I'm probably just stupid, but ... did they change to comment setting? Because I used to get my comments mailed and that was it. Now they are aditionally showing up in my inbox and I can't find a way to get that back to normal. Comments mailed - yes, Comments in the inbox - No

DW: I has a Flexible Squares layout!!! Thanks to [personal profile] eumelkeks who was linked by someone to a link that linked to ... well, you get the idea ... *lol*
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07 May 2009 @ 11:42 am
Microgreatestsucks ...
I just checked my layout in Internet Explorer and it looks remarkably like shit *lol*
I knew that the fixed sidebar wouldn't work, but basically NOTHING works at all.

Further proof for the superiority of Firefox *nods*

While I'm talking layout ... I know there's a way to import Flexible Squares. I have done it on Greatestjournal and I posted the tutorial to keep people from asking me about the layout. But since GJ is history so is that tutorial. Yes, after months (years?) of MIA they finally switched off their servers because the site isn't available anymore.
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