25 May 2012 @ 04:23 pm
Oh Oh Uh Oh Oh
So, Eurovision. Not sure if I'll be able to watch the whole show tomorrow, but I managed to catch both semi finales, so I've seen it all already, pretty much anyway. Overall it wasn't very exciting, loads eurotrash, loads of questionable wardrobe choices, loads of wind machines ... but quite a few countries had entries in their own languages, which is great, because everyone singing in English is boring.
So, favourites:

Russia: Grannies backing cookies. If you hate that, you have no soul. Fact.
Sweden: I don't know what that singer is dancing to, but it's not her own song. Naturally, I'm loving it.
Ireland: Jedward! Nuff said.
Albania: A singer who's trying to shatter glass with her singing ... performing in a venue called crystal arena ... this might become a lot more exciting than expected.

As for the home countries:

England: Now, that's the spirit of Eurovision, being deliberately trashy and ironic with your entry. This might become my favourite entry since the dancing easy Jet crew. (the stuff people put on youtube ... )
Germany: They are taking this thing way too seriously again. They found a cute boy who can actually sing and wrote him a cute little song. How boring is that?!

In related news: If you've considered investing in Facebook stocks - Ralph Siegel wrote a facebook song for San Marino (and didn't qualify for the finale, naturally). This is a very sure sign that Facebook is totally out and totally uncool and you should totally do something else with your money.
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13 May 2011 @ 07:35 pm
Oh my god, they killed Rory! You bastards!

Are people taking bets already on what his next cause of death will be?
Let's see ... so far we had:

- disintegrated by an alien's poison
- blown up with the Tardis
- shot by a Silurian and swallowed by the crack (not sure which one of the two events killed him)
- most likely his Auton self got killed when his human self was restored
- shot again, this time by a human agent
- drowned

I think we're done with the whole shooting thing, but there are a lot of options left that haven't been explored yet. Like, if there's a Dalek episode (and we know there will be one ... these new Daleks were expensive ...) he should really get a proper extermination in this one.

Also - Eurovision Song Contest tomorrow!!!!!!!!
Me and several other party goers are getting Jedward hairdos. We even have glitter hairspray so we will look like a very gay version of Bros. :D It was really easy to decide on a costume this year. As soon as I saw the Irish guys, I knew.
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