charon: (Doctor 11)
charon ([personal profile] charon) wrote on May 13th, 2011 at 07:35 pm
Oh my god, they killed Rory! You bastards!

Are people taking bets already on what his next cause of death will be?
Let's see ... so far we had:

- disintegrated by an alien's poison
- blown up with the Tardis
- shot by a Silurian and swallowed by the crack (not sure which one of the two events killed him)
- most likely his Auton self got killed when his human self was restored
- shot again, this time by a human agent
- drowned

I think we're done with the whole shooting thing, but there are a lot of options left that haven't been explored yet. Like, if there's a Dalek episode (and we know there will be one ... these new Daleks were expensive ...) he should really get a proper extermination in this one.

Also - Eurovision Song Contest tomorrow!!!!!!!!
Me and several other party goers are getting Jedward hairdos. We even have glitter hairspray so we will look like a very gay version of Bros. :D It was really easy to decide on a costume this year. As soon as I saw the Irish guys, I knew.
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