18 December 2010 @ 03:36 pm
Walking in a winter wonderland becomes seriously unromantic when you add wind. Blows the bloody snow from the trees right into your face. But no one ever writes songs about that.

News from my infamous weather ap: It tells me sundown is at 4:31 pm and the weather forecast for 7 pm predicts clouds with sunny periods. I would delete this thing if it wasn't so hilarious.

Notable dialogue of the day:
Friend (after looking at my bookshelves): Two copies of Revenge of the Sith ...
Me: One is the kids edition ...
Friend: So?
Me: It has pictures ...
Friend flips through book, lands on the double page that shows shirtless Anakin: Aaaah ... !

Also, I'm considering real winter boots, since my footwear is seriously limited these days. Everything in the trainers/sneakers department hasn't been wearable for weeks and Doc Martens might be great for walking on acid (that's what the package claims, I haven't tried it out yet) but not so great for walking on icy sidewalks (I HAVE tried that out, ask my butt for details). Now, how to find boots that don't look stupid ...

And I really need to make myself a winter icon or two ... I can't have forgotten everything about icon making ...
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02 December 2010 @ 03:11 pm
Let it snow some more ...
- Thanks a lot to [ profile] caelly for the virtual gift :D

- I'm having half a day off and I'm attempting to make shortbread. So far, there are no casualties.

- I'm very much in love with the 1920s radio network at the moment. I find that music so fitting for the Christmas season and I don't exactly know why. And the best thing of course is, that this radio station will not play dreaded Christmas "classics" like Last Christmas or Do they know it's Christmas. Yes, I hate both songs for different reasons but with equal passion.

- And here, have a random picture that shows the view out of my car window this morning ... taken (with a crappy camera) while I was sitting inside, waiting for that stuff to melt enough for me to be able to clean the rest off. Yes, it's still winter ... but I'm sure things will be sorted out till Christmas and we will be back to grey and rainy weather.

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22 February 2010 @ 07:03 pm
Afterthoughts of a Worm Hunter
In this episode I'm not hunting worms (that's the title of an actual book, btw) but rediscovering my love for winter. I spent last friday in the countryside and it was so beautiful - bright blue sky, everything covered in snow that glittered in the sun ...

It wasn't a trip I took for fun, but nevertheless it was fun and it reminded me that winter is a truely beautiful season, that it's not all about grey, melting lumps in the streets and ice on the sidewalks.

And while I'm talking winter ... we actually sold snowmen!!!! We had whole bunch of them in my mum's front yard (mostly made by my nieces and nephew and sprayed with water to make them stick together by me) and a "for sale" sign up and two people found that funny enough to buy one. Also, me and Marco did a curling try out thingy ... loads of fun and so much harder than it looks like on telly. I was close to falling flat on my face once or twice *lol*
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