16 August 2010 @ 10:20 pm
This is what happens when I'm running out of clever things to put here
This weeks adventures in free book hunting: Thomas Mann and Friedrich Nietzsche, next to a whole bunch of pinkish, Fabio covered romance novels. I should really take a camera next time, because that's something you'd never see in a book shop.

TV watched: - "Lennon naked" with my mum. That's the title of the film ... just to avoid misunderstandings and stuff. Anyho, I thought CE as Lennon was quite convincing and I loved the music, naturally, and the costumes and all that, however, I didn't much care about the story. Maybe I wasn't in the mood for it or maybe I really don't care about anything but the music when it comes to the Beatles?

- Classic Doctor Who ... to find Tom Baker NOT tripping over that scarf AGAIN. Seriously, this is low budget 80s TV, they must have forgotten to cut out a scene somewhere, where his scarf caught somewhere and he fell over. You can't wear a ridiculous scarf for that long and NOT have a comedic accident.

- Did I mention that I really don't care one bit about the story lines of various humans in True Blood? However, I do care about the story line of a certain werewolf and this one is tragically lacking!

- I want more Sherlock. And I miss Lost.

Other than that, nothing much is happening at the moment ... I'm just working and freezing. Yeah, it has suddenly become really cold and wet. Well, it has been wet for quite a while, but the cold is new. I spend a break with a blanket and a hot chocolate and that just isn't right in the middle of august. I should be sweating and eating icecream.
what: The Fab Four
how: accomplished