14 November 2009 @ 10:36 pm
This is going to be very geeky ...
- Mc Donalds has Clone Wars toys with the kids menu. Yeah!
But how much less embarassing would an adult menu with toys be? Not that it's embarassing to be a Star Wars fan of course ... but ... you know ... you do get the occasional odd look when you don't have an alibi kid with you, order a kids menu and argue over the toy that comes with it. Of course, it's also embarassing when you go "he wants an Obi-wan" and the kid's like "I thought the Obi-wan is for you".

- I have decided to not start watching any of the new shows that everyone seems to recommend these days (V, Flashforward ...). I'm fully booked out with the ones I DO watch at the moment and can hardly keep up with them and never get to the older stuff on my "to watch" pile. Like, Life on Mars sans John Simm (I know it's got another title, something else Bowie, but I can't remember it at the moment). Why do days only have 24 hours?

- Also ... while talking David Bowie ... look at this image from "Waters of Mars". Jep, "BOWIE base one". I'm probably the last one to find out about that, but it's pretty cool. Makes total sense to name a Mars base after David Bowie too. It's probably unpopulare to say I love RTD for little details like that, because bashing him is so cool and hip and popular and all that, but I really do.

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13 October 2009 @ 02:12 pm
Girls and boys of every age ...
It's this time of the year again. The leaves are turning red, when you take a walk in the woods you get hit by chestnuts, pumpkins are showing up at front doors and windows, Tim Burton movies and Poe's poems have been moved to the top of the to-do piles ... and I'm wondering what to wear.

The biggest surprise is, that I'm not aware of a vampire party, not a single one. In the last few years it was a given that there was a vampire's ball, something Fangtasia themed, old school Dracula ... this year, nada. I have "Malice in Wonderland" and "Golden Age of Torchwood" (not based on my idea or anything ... noooooooo ...) on my list so far. Bless Halloween for being on the weekend.

Since the last one is not based on my idea or anything the costume for that one is kind of obvious. Something Torchwood goes Steampunk with alien-victorian gadgets. I briefly considered going as a really crappy Doctor Who monster from the 70s, all dressed in bubble wrap, but as funny as the idea is - I would most likely end up hiding in a corner to avoid the people who can't resist the urge to poke the bubble wrap.

For the first one I have no idea though. It's obviously Alice in Wonderland with a little twist and I can see girls going as Alice with a really short skirt or really huge breasts or something, but other than that I have no idea. It should be bright and colourfull and totally over the top, but ... mmh ... I just don't know ... and I don't want to be in full make-up for a party. So everything that only works with having the whole face painted isn't an option.

On to some TV stuff:

- I enjoy Vampire Diaries more than I thought I would. It's totally to blame on Damon. I don't care one bit for the 90210 crowd, but a vampire who behaves like a vampire ... seducing virgins, drinking human blood (well, scratch the virgin part, this is the 21th century) and all that ... is rare these days.

- I enjoy the new season of Heroes more than I thought I would. In the last season, I was just staying for Sylar ... but somehow it's gotten really good again. I totally blame it on the boys from the carnival. I don't see an overall theme yet though. I mean, in the previous season there was a very obvious threat, but maybe it does the show good to have no "OMG, the world's going to end!" theme for a change.
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03 August 2009 @ 03:45 pm
What would you ask if I had the answer?
- 2 people killed in a gay youth center in Tel Aviv ... now, THAT'S a real reason to scream "homophobia" ...

- I missed the finale of the "win a part in Twilight" casting show because I had to leave for a BBQ party. Now I will never find out what extra with 5 seconds of screen time the proud winner is ... but don't worry. I'll live. :p
Did anyone watch though or know how big her part will be? Because I don't think it can be a very big part since they will have to take whoever wins the casting show, as oposed to working with the actress they think fits the part best.

- I just ordered "Angel's Cut" (Elizabeth Knox) and "Madness of Angels" (Kate Griffin). What's with all the angel stuff when we're nowehere near Christmas? I also ordered the books I'm still missing from the Lost university reading list. Now, I'm not taking this too seriously, I just think that since the books I own from that list already are all pretty good and understandable the others might be of the same kind.

- Reading "House of night: Betrayed" ... or trying to read it. Not a bad concept for your every day vampire trash novel to read while riding the subway or waiting in line at the post office. But that writing style better stays in fanfiction land. This book will certainly find a new home when I'm done with it, if I'm ever done with it, that is.
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