03 October 2012 @ 01:42 pm
Nature trail to hell - in 3D!*
So, Elementary (that's the "we want to Americanize Sherlock but the BBC wouldn't let us, so we did it anyway" show, in case you wonder).

It's not bad for a random crime show that is, like many random crime shows are, somewhat inspired by Sherlock Holmes. But it would have been so much cleverer to do it like House. Don't call it a Sherlock Holmes adaptation (since there are so many elements that are different from the canon anyway) and let the audience feel clever for noticing the Holmes references that are in it. But then again, Americanizing British shows is pretty much the opposite of expecting your potential audience to be clever, so no wonder this didn't happen ...

*yes, time to bring out the cheesy, Halloween themed playlist. Also, it's a holiday in Germany today, so it's also a good time to bring out the cheesy Halloween themed decorations :)
what: Weird Al Yankovic
how: relaxed