07 February 2011 @ 03:06 pm
Why do you got a chicken on a string?
Just wondering, since I haven't seen anyone saying anything about it ... has anyone checked out the "TV people think Americans are too stupid to understand British accents and unable to watch actors who aren't stereotypically handsome" remake of Being Human?

Nope, I haven't either ... and I'm hoping to save myself the pain while still satisfying my curiosity by getting a report from someone who watched it *grins*

Also, there should be a rule that when it's sunny and feels springy icecream parlors are not allowed to be closed. Even if the calendar claims it's still winter.
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11 October 2010 @ 06:18 pm
If it isn't broken, don't try to fix it
I just found out this morning, that they are really going ahead with that Being Human US remake. I used to put it in the rumor box, the box that hosts a new Doctor Who movie among other things.

Yes, I don't get the point of remaking UK shows for a US audience, never have, never will and I'm sure I have ranted about it at length elsewhere, so let's cut that. I'm trying not to be biased about remakes, because while they are a huge waste of money (that could be spent on doing something original instead) and most of them have turned out to be train wrecks, there are also things like Queer as Folk ... plus, bad US remakes usually get some people to watch the original, so it can be considered free promotion. And certainly the BBC got some money out of it too, which they could invest in ... mmh ... more rooms for the Tardis (that we actually get to see)? Many more Sherlock episodes? Everything that requires David Tennant to be present?

But anyway, my problem with this isn't the remake aspect but the casting. I mean, where do all these generic-handsome-boring-stereotype actors come from? Vampire boy and werewolf boy even have the same handsome-stereotype haircut! I'm already bored from just looking at these two blokes with their pretty looks that won't offend anyone. Also, can we get over the brooding-emo vampire stereotype already?
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