27 November 2009 @ 08:23 pm
*lol* what?
Aparently, Chris Eccleston is playing John Lennon in some BBC drama with Torchwood-Tosh as Yoko Ono.
Fact is, he's a good actor and he should be more than capable of doing the job, I don't doubt that ... but I probably won't be able to watch this without imagening other members of the Who/Torchwood cast in other roles. Ianto, Owen and the 10th Doctor are unemployed ... there we go, Beatles cast!

Also, spoiler warning for the ending of Hamlet (yes, THE Hamlet. The play that's been around since the 17th century)???!!! Seriously people! That's like putting a spoiler warning with the information that halfway through "Titanic" the ship hits and iceberg and as a consequence sinks. These things are not spoilers, they are common knowledge ... almost everyone dies, btw. In Hamlet and Titanic. There. Spoiler!

Talking about spoilers. I love how they German press reports on New Moon by telling almost the whole story of the film, till the clocktower scene. And then go all "will she be able to safe him?!" ... as if that was really up for debate in a film like that.
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