27 June 2009 @ 11:01 pm
Stoned wallabies make crop circles
- There's still hope for True Blood after all ... last episode didn't have a single recycling vampire ... and no sparkling ones either. Hurray (this "hurray" is for the Eric/Pam scenes) !!!

- 3 beers in the fridge and that's it. Such a classic. Of course it doesn't make sense to buy food during the week with both me and Marco eating at work or on the way to/from work at the moment. But still. Could have been a little less cliche.

- Oh look, a recycling vampire, how did he end up in here?

eh, back to the scheduled program ...

- So, the first "Michael Jackson is alive" news are popping up, with proper conspiracy theories and all. However, the truth is that while he isn't really alive he has indeed joined El ... I mean Bubba (ten points if you get the reference).

- Also, it's been like half a week without any totally ridiculous Doctor Who news. What's wrong with people working for the Sun and Co.? Oh, right, they have been asked to work on these Michael Jackson conspiracy theories.

And on a personal note, the Kieler Woche was awesome as usual. Because while I don't care much about shinny cars shiny boats always get me excited. Too bad that they are way more expensive than shiny cars.
location: making crop circles
what: Killing Joke
how: chipper
17 June 2009 @ 08:48 pm
Build a new tomorrow today
- vampires and recycling just don't go together and should never ever be put together again. Please note this down, writers, script writers, fanfiction writers, painters, viders ... and whoever else might feel tempted to go there. Don't. Just. DON'T.

- yiha, we've got a casting show for politicians now too ... and I don't need to look at the gramatical errors in the title to know that it is made of fail. And talking casting shows, I still haven't managed to take a look at the casting show where one girl can win a part in "New Moon" ... her first and most likely last part in a Hollywood movie.

- dinner: iced latte and a bowl of cherries. I love summer, even if it's only scheduled for a day. That's what they say on the news anyway.
what: Placebo
location: milky way
how: hot
29 May 2009 @ 04:22 pm
Long weekend ahead ...
... at least for us in Germany :)

Here's a piece of random news: Red Bull / Coke actually contains Coke (as in cocaine) ... and you would have to drink like 100000 liters to get high, but would die on the way from coffeine overdose *lol*

I read about a Twitter TV show and thought how much fun it would be to act in that and also to write it if you limit the actors to 140 characters per line ... and then it turns out to be some stupid "reality" show. What a waste of something that could be really funny.

And talking Twitter and random news (from Germany) - apparently some politicians involved in the counting of votes put the results of last weekends presidential elections on Twitter half an hour before the result was officialy announced. See? It's not only teenagers who think AFTER they put something on the internet ...

Going to see my dad and maybe maybe maybe visit the new Beatles museum on the way.
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