24 May 2009 @ 09:20 pm
One of us - one of them*
Why is it, that whenever someone becomes famous for mostly doing stupid stuff on TV (you know, in shows like Big Brother ...) you'll find some fans of them saying stuff like "(s)he's one of us"?

Helloohoooo? Speak for yourself please. If you consider yourself stupid and need someone equaly stupid to identify with to make you feel better or whatever that's fine. I won't judge ... ok, I will ... but the point is, I don't get it why people are idolized for basically being dumb idiots. And I also don't get why others consider themselves to be dumb idiots (otherwise they wouldn't say "one of US") and do nothing about it.

Or maybe I'm just the only one to not see the "one of us" connection and need to look into the details for changing species.

Oh, and they elected a new president today (well, they re-elected to old one) and the guy who announced the results has certainly never seen a casting show, because there was zero suspense there. He announced the winner first! No dramatic pause or anything either! Well, we will also elect a new government this year (the German president is head of state but not head of government) and there should be a bit more suspense there.

Aaaaand ... I started making Star Trek icons. I'm really getting back in the icon making mood. Is there a Star Trek icon com? I bet there is ... I also need to explore the coms here more.

*totally stolen from Heroes. Back in the old days, when Heroes was still a great show *sigh*
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