14 January 2011 @ 01:45 pm
What IS this?!
I found this, ehem, thing, in a drawer yesterday:

It's probably not that obvious from the crappy picture - it's a kind of spiral made of plastic and it's flexible. You can put it like this, stretch it or put all the rings together, so that it looks like some sort of bracelet (although it would be too wide to wear as a bracelet even for me and certainly for a girl). When it is put like in the picture it's kind of wobbly, so using it to store magazines or letters or the daily pizza delivery service advertisements is not an option.

Why I own the THING? I won it somewhere like two years ago and took it home because I thought it might make a good cat toy. Well, it got a half asses look from Sam and a sniff and that was it. The end of a promising career as cat toy, before it had even started.

But although I'm getting rid of the THING I'm still curious what it is meant to be or do.
Any ideas?
Creative suggestions are also welcome.

Side note: I want to thank my crappy phone camera for making my coffee table look much cleaner than it actually is.
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13 January 2011 @ 03:04 pm
From the analog age ...
Does anyone still own an address book?

I mean an old school one, made of paper. One, where you write down the addresses and telephone numbers of your friends. One that you update regularly?

I cleaned out two drawers of a desk last night (less stuff resolution, remember?) and found two address books and noticed that I haven't updated or used them in ages. All the addresses I need now are stored on my phone, computer and external harddrives for backup. So, after checking the addresses, I threw these two out.

Address books are prettier than a bunch of data of course, but I really don't see what I'd need one for. Most contact is digital nowadays, I write a couple of cards for Christmas and birthdays, send a few parcels ... but that's about it on the analog side of communication.
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