28 October 2010 @ 10:19 pm
... recalibrating ...
My days of being slightly embarrassed whenever I have to switch on my laptop at a security check are so over. I have a Torchwood log in screen ... but seeing a guy with some cheap looking porn on his earlier this week and apparently being cool with it makes me think that my little geeky number is in fact very classy.

Also, my vampire hunter career is so not going well, I cut my finger while making a wood stake ...

And talking about vampires, I saw some book from a series called "Vampire Academy" and when I was reading the back to see if it's really what I think it is (nothing good) a shop girl came over and was like "they are really popular for Twilight fans ..." ... I probably put the book back a bit too quickly, because she was all "wasn't the right thing to say, mmh?"

Yes, very wrong thing to say, not because of the Twilight thing but in general. See, once upon a time, when I was a new LOTR fanboy, I came across a book that was advertised with something like "LOTR fans will love it" ... well, I hated it. Worst rip-off ever. And I had very similare experiences with books with similare recomendations written on their backs. So, I now shy away from pretty much everything that is advertised in this way.

Which leads me to the question - does this kind of advertising work for you? Like, if you are a LOTR fan, are you more likely to buy a random fantasy book when it is advertised especially for LOTR fans? Or is it maybe something that is directed at people who are looking for a present?
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