21 December 2012 @ 09:47 am
Happy midwinter apocalypse
This time the end of the world is very well timed. It's the last day for me and quite a few friends to be in town, before going on vacation or visiting family for Christmas and it's also a Friday ... so yeah, apocalyptic party it is! Usually, we're just having a little get together to exchange presents while drinking Glühwein and eating cookies, but this time there will be games and pizza too.

I'm in charge of the "what happens next" game. For this game, you get to see a scene from a film and then you have to sit down with your team, write the next scene and present it when it's your turn. You get points for making the right guess of course, but there are also bonus points for original script, acting and such ...

I've done two of these for horror movies before, but to go with the apocalypse theme I chose disaster movies this time ... and I really had no idea how many hilariously bad movies there are in this genre (for obvious reasons you can't pick well known films for this game, so you have to dig deeper ...all the way to the bottom of the bargain bin ...). My "favourite" is one about a deadly hailstorm ... you know these white styrofoam balls that are used in various craft projects? That's what their hail was made of and there are various scenes that even show bouncing styrofoam balls. Also, the amount of styrofoam balls was apparently limited so a deadly hailstorm never lasts more than a minute. I was in tears from laughing at several points.

I hope to check in again before Christmas ... laters
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what: Marilyn Manson - The Last Day on Earth