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charon ([personal profile] charon) wrote on July 30th, 2012 at 09:11 pm
Planet earth is blue and there is nothing I can do
I wasted an hour of m life on an exibition of so called artistic photographs. Call me old fashioned, but I don't see anything artistic in a blurry photograph. Yes, there are blurry pictures that turn out looking very interesting. Yes, I did a whole series of blurry pictures of the last Christmas illumination ... but fact is, most blurry pictures just look like blurry pictures and some of the ones that the "artist" considered worth showing looked remarkably what my nephew produced when he was like 6. Back then he wanted to take pictures like the grown ups and got someone's old camera and was happily snapping pictures all day, not bothering with minor details like focus or picture composition of course.

Other things I noticed this week - it doesn't matter where the summer Olympics take place, I just don't care. I thought I might care a bit, since they are in London this year but I just don't. I watched like ten minutes of swimming and there isn't even stuff to watch really. Basically, you see a pool and splashing water and then you're told who won, because in most cases you can't even see that with your own eyes.

Also, I noticed that an iPod Touch is like a castrated iPhone, which is weird. I wonder how long it would take me till I tried to make a call with it if I owned one.

And finally, The Hobbit - which is about 5 times smaller than LOTR - gets 3 movies. That's a little much, isn't it? I find the Hollywood habbit of turning one book into two movies a bit annoying already but 3? Going by the size of the source material, Peter Jackson would owe us another 12 LOTR movies, can you imagine that? I realize that stuff that was cut from LOTR will probably make it in The Hobbit 3 and of course there are other stories that can be used too, but still ... and of course I will watch all 3 Hobbit movies anyway, I will probably even endure 3D.
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