06 December 2011 @ 09:49 pm
Ha! Warehouse 13 has Ianto ... or Warehouse 12 had Ianto, to be precise. I knew I was getting a Torchwoody vibe from this show. I've reached the end season 3, btw ... probably a bit more Game of Thrones will be next or maybe a complete Fringe rewatch. I always liked this show but saw a lot of episodes out of order or with random breaks in between, so while I found the individual cases interesting enough I never quite got into the story ark. There are also a couple of movies I haven't watched yet and that should be out on DVD now.

Also, happy Nikolaus day (other official and unofficial holidays are available, I know there are a few more today ...). We made rum truffles for my mum and grandparents and for Marco's parents last night and quite a bit of rum went into these. We should have packed them with warnings about not eating them if you want to be fit to drive ... but they are yummy and were well received. I got a bunch of green chocolate Santas (After Eight), tea, socks, roasted almonds ... I love how everyone remembered my fav type of chocolate Santa this year :D
how: cheerful