01 May 2009 @ 11:43 pm
First time ...
... updating the new toy and also - first time that [personal profile] charon  isn't taken ... which forces me to come up with something uncool (cause I suck at usernames and stuff).

Big thanks to [personal profile] red *hugs and cookies*

I hope I'll find time to play with the layout this weekend. Nothing looks like Flexible Squares though *slightly worried*

Also, for some reason the news journal here is called [site community profile] dw_news , which made me wonder at first, why I got auto-subsribed to a Doctor Who newsletter ... that thought makes even less sense, since the DW newsletter on LJ isn't even called [site community profile] dw_news  ... probably a sign of a geekdom overdose (A German TV station started their Star Trek month today).
what: Human vs Machine - Fear
how: curious