03 May 2011 @ 01:29 pm
Guess what season it is!
It's strawberry season!
And because I have nothing else to say - here, have a picture of the thing that just made me very happy:

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30 March 2011 @ 03:19 pm
Facebook depression*
So, the tackiest royal wedding souvenirs contest is in full swing in England and I have to admit I have a certain fascination with these things. Things like this show us what the human mind is really capable of ... not always in a good way though. But fear not, I didn't take an ugly mug home with me. I couldn't decide which one was the ugliest.

Washing machine news! While I was gone Marco has found us a glossy black one with built in dryer. Remember when our TV died and we wanted one that isn't boring black and ended up ordering a white one? Now, since white is the default washing machine colour, a black one is totally in order and a built in dryer means we can sell ours and have more space. Perfect. He totally deserves the ugly mug I didn't buy for him.

And why is it, that whenever you look at a video on youtube that has some kind of scientific content they suggest that you watch something "atheist" or "god" next?! Not everyone who is interested in science is into theology or anti-theology, not everyone is Richard Dawkins! (although, I wouldn't mind being Richard Dawkins, since this means I could have Lala Ward ... :p)

Also, I really need to put The Hobbit on my reading list again. I just saw the first (very bad, don't bother) pictures from the set and noticed that I don't remember some of the characters. Maybe I could get in a little Lord of the Rings re-read too before the first Hobbit movie is released.

And finally - soon to be place for random photos:
Yes, it's confusing and has some disadvantages, but it comes with unlimited storage space, no ads and customizable layouts.

*apparently, that's a real name for a real condition.
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11 March 2011 @ 09:03 pm
No server is available to handle this request
- The footage from Japan is scary ... looks like something from a post apocalyptic movie and over 1000 people are believed to be dead. My mum was able to reach her friends in Tokyo though and they are allright.

- The new green LJ header is ugly! Not only does the green clash with all the blues, most of the flowery stuff at the bottom is also covered by the navigation and you are mostly just looking at plain green. Who selects these things anyway?

- We set a new record ... we killed two potted plants in one week :-/

- I just noticed, that I tend to like really negative reviews on goodreads better than the positive ones. People seem to get much more creative when expressing their opinion when the book they are reviewing really sucked.

... yeah, I don't have any real news to talk about. I just did all the usual, boring stuff. I might just spam some more pictures, since I did play a bit with various cameras and found out that the compact camera I'm usually just using on automatic setting for a quick snap has funny stuff like a miniature filter. It blurs certain areas of the picture and makes it look as if you zoomed in on a miniature model of a city or landscape or something when you're actually photographing the real thing.
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07 March 2011 @ 07:54 pm
If you're celebrating carnival ...
... your world is probably looking something like this now ...

This is what happens when you set up your tripod and do a test shot of the moon while at the same time, you somehow manage to bump into the whole construction.
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06 December 2010 @ 08:38 pm
Quick one
- Thanks a lot for the virtual pressie, [ profile] eumelkeks :D

- Happy Nikolaus, Sinterklaas ... and I think there are holidays in a couple of countries today too!!!

- And I'm greatly amused by my weather App. After being undecided about whether it's raining or snowing for hours it has finally broken down and now shows an "unavailable" weather.

- Also, it's good to see some old f-listers on LJ emerge again. Just drop the facebook habit and come back to LJ again ... you know you want to :)
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19 November 2010 @ 06:54 pm
How to confuse a telemarketer with one little word ...
Telemarketer: (after talking about doing a short survey or something) Would you like to win 1 million Euros?
Me: No.
Telemarketer: *talks about some special offer for a lottery*
Me: Ehem, you're reading from the wrong script ...
Telemarketer: What?
Me: You're reading from the wrong script. This is the script for the "yes" option, but I said "no" ... there should be a different script for that ...
Telemarketer: What script?
Me: How should I know? Maybe it's printed on the back of the one you're currently reading ... to save paper, you know? Or maybe you're missing the page, happened to me before with a script ... what do the numbers of the pages say? Anything missing?
Telemarketer: I don't know ... I didn't get anything ... eh ... with numbers ... *hangs up*

I had a good laugh and no, I don't feel guilty at all. It's people like him who trick mostly old and lonely people into buying shit they don't want and don't need and sometimes can't even afford ...
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08 September 2010 @ 08:17 pm
Midweek facts
- I'm like 75% done with reading The Passage and it still feels like The Stand with vampires. Not a bad book, mind you, and certainly not one that makes me fall asleep ... but it does have a similar theme.

- I don't find Matt Smith attractive ... usually ... but, but ... *click for bigger*

- Forgot what else I wanted to say *blames it on mostly undressed Matt*
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06 September 2010 @ 09:33 pm
Is there anybody out there?
I'm just deleting communities and such from my f-list. When did I join so much Twilight stuff? And how embarrassing is that? So, since there's space for new things to read now and since my f-list is getting a bit empty anyway, since some people don't like me anymore :p ...

Which communities are worth checking out? Also, it doesn't necessarily have to be a community ...

Second entry today. I'm aiming at some kind of record here.

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30 August 2010 @ 10:03 pm
And the award for the most pointless dialog of the day goes to ...
Marco: What are you watching?
Charon: 9
M: Nein?
C: Nein! 9!
M: Ok, got it ... so, what ARE you watching then?

Side note, in case someone is confused:  9 in English is pronounced like "Nein" (no) in German.

Will post something less pointless when it's not monday.

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05 August 2010 @ 12:08 am
Reality is classified as an uncertain concept
Random thoughts about random stuff I watched ...

Eclipse: Does anyone else think that Edward needs his Disney Princess sparkling sound back?

True Blood: Let's see ... Pam - chained to a table, Tara - tied up in various ways, Bill - chained to the ground, Sophie Ann - in a cage, Sam - on a leash ... Raise your hand if you see a pattern here that might in some way or another relate to certain sexual preferences, possibly those of the script writers.

Ashes to Ashes: Yeah, like half a year after everyone else, I finished it. Quite nicely wrapped up, I think. Unless you are that poor Quattro. Alex never really grew on me though. I didn't hate her like some people seemed to do, I just find her mildly irritating most of the time. But my favourite has always been Gene Hunt anyway.

Next on the to watch list is Sherlock (it's Holmes, it's Moffat ... what could possibly go wrong) and Inception. I just noticed that I really have forgiven DiCaprio for Titanic, it's been a while and quite a few films since I cringed at the idea of watching him in something.

And on a totally unrelated note - I'm considering a new cologne ... ;-)

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24 July 2010 @ 12:25 pm
Mein ist das Wort
- Most random tattoo I saw this week: A straight vertical line on the back of both legs. Centered and all the way up to ... well, to where the girls skirt started at least and I didn't check under that skirt. Even a misspelled Twilight quote on the boobs makes more sense than that.

- Flip flop socks! Socks to wear in flip flops. Socks that have a separated toe so that they ... eh ... don't look as retarded as normal socks in flip flops? Totally doesn't work ... just sayin.

- In Ashes to ashes ridiculous 80s fashion is a sign that the protagonist has traveled back in time. In Mitte it's a sign that the person wearing it is desperate to get noticed by one of the many "street style" people hanging out there.

- I'm currently looking through interior design sites (apartment therapy and the like) to see what other people did with their rather unoriginal flat screen TVs ... and one thing that always amuses me greatly are the random piles of books. Now, random piles of books are a giving in my place (and mostly created by Marco, I might add), but these random piles of books usually don't have matching colours that also happen to match the furniture in the room.

- David Tennant to play Hulk rumors? Do I even need to comment on these with something other than *LOOOL*?

- I rescued 5 drawers from an ancient freezer. The freezer was pretty nasty but the drawers are cool ... they are like baskets, made of some kind of wire with white around it. Now, the plan is to build a chest where they will fit in.

- The label in my new T-shirt warns to "keep away from fire". I could add something sarcastic here ... or I could just be happy that the person who brought us such classics as "May contain peanuts" (on peanut butter labels), "Caution! Coffee is hot!", or "Product will be hot after heating" has found a new job.
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