16 September 2010 @ 05:59 pm
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I really want this film - The mysterious geographic explorations of Jasper Merollo.

I'm totally in love with the set, if you can call it that, and yes, there's my airship thing too ... However, it's bloody expensive and only available in Australia and Newzeeland anyway. Somehow, I always have trouble with obtaining stuff coming from these countries. But you probably have the same problem with European things when you're in OZ. Of course I have seen the film, but buying DVDs isn't about the actual films for me, it's about the commentaries, the making ofs, the behind the scenes ... all the shiny extra stuff.

Todays WTF?! moment: I ordered a book from the booktrading website. It arrived fairly quick and was in perfect condition ... so far so good. However, when I opened it I found an ad for a sex toy party in it. A very graphical ad. Now, this wouldn't normally irritate me, since I've found weirder stuff in used books before and finding these things is part of the fun - however, this isn't a strictly adult book. It's actually a book for kids that has a Harry Potter type of readership. So yes, it was probably read by an adult and obviously I'm an adult too, but when I first read it in school I was like 10 or 11 and I wouldn't want to explain to a kid of that age what the difference between a dildo and a vibrator is, just because they found that ad in their new book.
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08 September 2010 @ 08:17 pm
Midweek facts
- I'm like 75% done with reading The Passage and it still feels like The Stand with vampires. Not a bad book, mind you, and certainly not one that makes me fall asleep ... but it does have a similar theme.

- I don't find Matt Smith attractive ... usually ... but, but ... *click for bigger*

- Forgot what else I wanted to say *blames it on mostly undressed Matt*
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06 September 2010 @ 12:14 pm
Mostly harmless entry
Any Douglas Adams fans on here who can tell me if the Dirk Gently books are worth reading?

I love Hitchhiker's and read parts of the books quite a few times, but somehow never got around to read anything else by Douglas Adams ... but since there's apparently a BBC series planned that is based on the Dirk Gently books I wonder if I should read the books ... I think it's only 3 anyway?

Also, does anyone remember Vox? Nope, not the crappy German TV channel, the blog that was by the same company that is (or was?) running LJ and that was supposed to be for "adults" ... which of course lead to LJ drama ... well, if you don't, don't bother. It's closing down. Another blog I forgot I had gone. *lol*
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25 August 2010 @ 08:14 pm
Meine Projektion
Quite a few of my friends are moving at the moment or very soon, so there has been a lot of talk about packing and sorting out around me - online and offline. Now, I'm not planning to move, but I do feel inspired to look through my own stuff and get rid of some things I don't need anymore.

I'm constantly sorting out books - trading or giving away the ones with no re-read value, replacing well used paperbacks by hardcovers (I prefer hardcover, because you don't have to worry about damaging the spine when you leave the book open) ... however, everything else needs a good sorting out. So, it's clothes next week and the week after that magazines.

And then there is all the DIY stuff. The "I should keep this, could be usefull one day" stuff. The bad thing about this is, that some stuff actually DOES come in handy, after years of being stored and almost forgotten somewhere. So that will be a tough one. The other option would be selling some art and lamps and stuff and get inspired for new projects by the empty spaces and the materials that I'm planning to throw out if I don't use them soon. Mmh.

On other news: I'm planning to start watching Legend of the Seeker tonight (because it has been recommended to me quite a few times) and I have started to read a book about Elisabeth Báthory (back to basic vampires!) ... and for some real life horror, I'm planning to sew a cover for the seat of a bar chair that Marco found. It's just two straight lines really, but a needle that can easily cut through layers of leather in close proximity to my fingers is VERY scary.
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16 August 2010 @ 10:20 pm
This is what happens when I'm running out of clever things to put here
This weeks adventures in free book hunting: Thomas Mann and Friedrich Nietzsche, next to a whole bunch of pinkish, Fabio covered romance novels. I should really take a camera next time, because that's something you'd never see in a book shop.

TV watched: - "Lennon naked" with my mum. That's the title of the film ... just to avoid misunderstandings and stuff. Anyho, I thought CE as Lennon was quite convincing and I loved the music, naturally, and the costumes and all that, however, I didn't much care about the story. Maybe I wasn't in the mood for it or maybe I really don't care about anything but the music when it comes to the Beatles?

- Classic Doctor Who ... to find Tom Baker NOT tripping over that scarf AGAIN. Seriously, this is low budget 80s TV, they must have forgotten to cut out a scene somewhere, where his scarf caught somewhere and he fell over. You can't wear a ridiculous scarf for that long and NOT have a comedic accident.

- Did I mention that I really don't care one bit about the story lines of various humans in True Blood? However, I do care about the story line of a certain werewolf and this one is tragically lacking!

- I want more Sherlock. And I miss Lost.

Other than that, nothing much is happening at the moment ... I'm just working and freezing. Yeah, it has suddenly become really cold and wet. Well, it has been wet for quite a while, but the cold is new. I spend a break with a blanket and a hot chocolate and that just isn't right in the middle of august. I should be sweating and eating icecream.
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07 August 2010 @ 03:35 pm
Doctor Watson in the Tardis
If you're a Doctor Who fan and sad that a) you have to wait till Christmas for a new episode b) the "gay agenda" came to an end when RTD retired to the US and c) you are missing Cardiff, pretending to be London ... then, Sherlock is totally your series ... or mini-series, since it's only 3 episodes. As a bonus, you get Mark Gatiss for the "spot the Doctor Who actor" game.

Yes, I had quite a few moments thinking "the Doctor would totally do that ... and that ... and that too ..." and I could imagine Matt Smith in the Tardis with pretty much the same dialog. Am I accusing Moffat of recycling ideas he could not use for Doctor Who for this? Not really, because if you think about it, Sherlock Holmes and the Doctor aren't all that different in character. They are both odd characters and most of the time they are smarter than everyone else in the room and they can be quite arrogant about it. So yeah, it's very understandable that a writer would approach both characters in pretty much the same way.

The modern setting works well for me, although I got a bit tired of the whole text message stuff in the first episode. They managed to keep the mood and the general britishness of the Holmes stories, so it's not totally unrecognizable, like many other modern takes on something classic are. So yeah, bring on the last episode and promote it to a proper series.

Today's free book finds: A collection of Franz Kafka's works in pretty hardcover editions. Next time I visit my free books source I'll take my battered paperback copies there ... nice trade *grins*. Talking books - is it really that odd to collect the stuff you find in used books? And if yes, what do you do with loveletters, postcards or money from countries that don't exist anymore? Just throw that stuff away?!
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19 July 2010 @ 06:30 pm
How much is the word?
I don't know if public bookshelves are common outside of Germany, but they have become very popular here. It works like this: You (as in city administration) put a bookshelf in a more or less public place and ask your citizens to bring their unwanted books and take whatever they want from the shelf. It's a really easy system, you don't need a library card, you don't have to return the book in a certain time or at all, you aren't required to bring an old book in return ... and that system seems to work remarkably well, the shelves are usually well stocked.

Needless to say that these things are very dangerous to me. I mean, as many books as you want for free?! :D And you can walk away with an arm full and don't feel like a thief but instead get a happy smile from the lady in charge of sorting newly donated books. She's probably thinking something like "he took about ten ... so I should be able to squeeze in all these "Angelique" volumes"

However, judging by the books I got this way, I wonder how much or how little some people value books. Yes, they take space and not everyone has a stupid long corridor that can be converted into a library ... but still, even with much less space in my old flat I never considered giving away the classics. Sorting out the SMeyers of this world? Sure thing. But Orwell?
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14 May 2010 @ 07:57 pm
Lost in books again
Someone on my LJ f-list recently reviewed Trainspotting and said it was hard to read (or something along these lines). I got that book quite a while ago, because I like the film and I always wanted to read the book and I found a pretty hardcover edition. Now, our unread books are piled in the living room and my Trainspotting copy sticks out because the back is bright orange, so I had a couple of people asking me if I read the book ... and now, while I'm on a mission to shrink my "to read" pile before it collapses, I finally started with this one.

Well, it IS hard to read. Not that I don't understand it or anything ... it's just that you get bits and pieces from the lives of several characters in what seems to be no particulare order. I'm like half way through and I still don't have an idea about the timeline. It all feels so very random. On the plus side, it's the perfect book to read between things, because you can put it down after a few pages. And I might even put it down more permanently, since the new Sookie book is really calling me ...

Lost: Smokey didn't even get a name? No wonder he wants to get the hell off that island ...
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30 April 2010 @ 12:10 am
Consuming my laboritory brew will make a new vampire out of you
Random bibliophilic observations:

- I've seen it a couple of times and I still find it confusing: Books organized by colours. Besides the fact that I wouldn't be able to find anything anymore (plus, Marco would kill me if I messed up his books) ... it just gives the impression that the owners thinks the look of the covers is more important than the contents of the books. So, dear faithfull readers (yeah, all 2 of you :p) - is someone organizing their books by colours? Why?

- 94% discount on the "encyclopaedia of unnecessary things" makes me think that this book itself might be one of them ...

- I'm finally catching up on reading ... I started to read "The Strain" last night. So far, I'm getting a Stephen King vibe, which is a bit odd, since the opening is very obviously a modern take on a scene from Dracula ... how he arrives in England. Anyway, it's a real page turner. So far - thumbs up. And I'm chosing this book over the new Lost episode tonight *shock*
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24 April 2010 @ 11:25 am
What Kind of Bean is This Chihuahua
It's saturday and it's the wheeping angels episode tonight on Doctor Who ... you better not fuck that one up, Moff, because I love Blink and I find them properly creepy monsters ... let's hope it stays that way.

Talking angels,  I checked out Angelology and I find it quite boring. And I'm not even reading the book, I am listening to the audio during workouts. It's one of these books that are based on pseudo-history mixed with mythology, but that's not the boring part. The boring part starts, when you get a flashback within a flashback, while you really want to know how the actual story continues. Yeah, character background, yeah it will probably all make sense in the end, but while you're in the middle of it it's simply boring.

And while I'm on the book subject - a used book store pulled a nice little marketing trick on me recently. I got two Terry Pratchett books and the sales guy digged out a little book with a biography and bibliography of Pratchett and asked me if I want it, since little books like this don't sell ... I accepted of course, happy about the freebie. At home I looked through the book, noticed that I'm missing some books and now I want to get them ... competism and all.

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13 August 2009 @ 09:34 pm
No draft restoring over here ;-)
- ordering a little handy copy of Twelfth Night and getting a recommendation for Breaking Dawn? Fail.

- my sucking (no pun intended) vampire book found a new home. Win. I couldn't be bothered to finish it after all, so I traded it in.

- they just said "I've got a bad feeling about this" in Doctor Who from 1964. See? Everything is connected by the force! < / star wars geek moment >

- I'm sure when a restaurant has an "all you can eat" buffet this is not meant to be some kind of challenge.

- I'm missing some LJ comments / replies to comments ... since there have been problems with hackers I won't list this under "fail" but it is a bit annoying. Sorry if I didn't reply to someone though.

- True Blood is awesome when it has vampire scenes, for everything else there's the >> button.

- Also, "Matt Parkmann to return to Lost?" is all kinds of wrong, because for one thing it shows that the "journalist" is too stupid to google the name of an actor when he doesn't know it and also because Matt Parkmann has never been in Lost in the first place, which makes a RETURN highly unlikely. Although, of course, we are talking about Lost. And the Lost writers are a bit on the mental side and the writers of Heroes have created more pointless plot twists that I care to remember ... so maybe, maybe the abilities in Heroes turn out to be the result of a Dharma experiment and Matt, eh, finds out and stuff and eh ends up on the Lost island because Hawaii is really kind of nice ...
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03 August 2009 @ 03:45 pm
What would you ask if I had the answer?
- 2 people killed in a gay youth center in Tel Aviv ... now, THAT'S a real reason to scream "homophobia" ...

- I missed the finale of the "win a part in Twilight" casting show because I had to leave for a BBQ party. Now I will never find out what extra with 5 seconds of screen time the proud winner is ... but don't worry. I'll live. :p
Did anyone watch though or know how big her part will be? Because I don't think it can be a very big part since they will have to take whoever wins the casting show, as oposed to working with the actress they think fits the part best.

- I just ordered "Angel's Cut" (Elizabeth Knox) and "Madness of Angels" (Kate Griffin). What's with all the angel stuff when we're nowehere near Christmas? I also ordered the books I'm still missing from the Lost university reading list. Now, I'm not taking this too seriously, I just think that since the books I own from that list already are all pretty good and understandable the others might be of the same kind.

- Reading "House of night: Betrayed" ... or trying to read it. Not a bad concept for your every day vampire trash novel to read while riding the subway or waiting in line at the post office. But that writing style better stays in fanfiction land. This book will certainly find a new home when I'm done with it, if I'm ever done with it, that is.
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22 May 2009 @ 06:44 pm
Perlen der GroƟstadt
I sorted over 50 books out, however, most of them are going to book trading - which means I'll get other books in return.

I don't give a crap about casting shows, however, I'm positively surprised to read that "Germany's next topmodel" let a black girl win this year and not just allow her to be on the show for political correctness ... the way it usually works with these shows.

Also, is it a) pathetic or b) very pathetic to walk by a Mc Donalds, notice the ad for their free movie magazine in a window and turn around to walk in and get one ... because it has a Star Trek cover. I was also far too happy to find a little article about Doctor Who in there (apparently season 2 is out on DVDs in Germany now), because I've never read anything about this show in a German magazine before.

PS: I started a graphic journal on here too! [community profile] photoshopped 
It's the same as the one on LJ, almost the same layout too, just starting with the entries for 2009. But I'll crosspost from now on.

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