30 March 2011 @ 03:19 pm
Facebook depression*
So, the tackiest royal wedding souvenirs contest is in full swing in England and I have to admit I have a certain fascination with these things. Things like this show us what the human mind is really capable of ... not always in a good way though. But fear not, I didn't take an ugly mug home with me. I couldn't decide which one was the ugliest.

Washing machine news! While I was gone Marco has found us a glossy black one with built in dryer. Remember when our TV died and we wanted one that isn't boring black and ended up ordering a white one? Now, since white is the default washing machine colour, a black one is totally in order and a built in dryer means we can sell ours and have more space. Perfect. He totally deserves the ugly mug I didn't buy for him.

And why is it, that whenever you look at a video on youtube that has some kind of scientific content they suggest that you watch something "atheist" or "god" next?! Not everyone who is interested in science is into theology or anti-theology, not everyone is Richard Dawkins! (although, I wouldn't mind being Richard Dawkins, since this means I could have Lala Ward ... :p)

Also, I really need to put The Hobbit on my reading list again. I just saw the first (very bad, don't bother) pictures from the set and noticed that I don't remember some of the characters. Maybe I could get in a little Lord of the Rings re-read too before the first Hobbit movie is released.

And finally - soon to be place for random photos:
Yes, it's confusing and has some disadvantages, but it comes with unlimited storage space, no ads and customizable layouts.

*apparently, that's a real name for a real condition.
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22 March 2011 @ 02:04 pm
No white clouds in my blue sky
It's a very bad time to travel, I just noticed. At least if you want to do it with as little luggage as possible. It's the perfect spring weather, with blue skies and sun and everything but since there are no clouds the nights are really chilly. So, T-shirt weather at day, coat and scarf weather at night ...

I'm wondering if I should give a photoblog another try. I've been getting back in the picture taking mood lately and there's the old problem with digital pictures ... you end up with a lot of random pictures and some of them are too good to just delete them, but you don't really know what to do with them. Is Tumblr any good for that kind of stuff? Does it have some sort of restriction when it comes to pictures? I mean, how much you can upload before you have to buy extra space or something?
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11 March 2011 @ 09:03 pm
No server is available to handle this request
- The footage from Japan is scary ... looks like something from a post apocalyptic movie and over 1000 people are believed to be dead. My mum was able to reach her friends in Tokyo though and they are allright.

- The new green LJ header is ugly! Not only does the green clash with all the blues, most of the flowery stuff at the bottom is also covered by the navigation and you are mostly just looking at plain green. Who selects these things anyway?

- We set a new record ... we killed two potted plants in one week :-/

- I just noticed, that I tend to like really negative reviews on goodreads better than the positive ones. People seem to get much more creative when expressing their opinion when the book they are reviewing really sucked.

... yeah, I don't have any real news to talk about. I just did all the usual, boring stuff. I might just spam some more pictures, since I did play a bit with various cameras and found out that the compact camera I'm usually just using on automatic setting for a quick snap has funny stuff like a miniature filter. It blurs certain areas of the picture and makes it look as if you zoomed in on a miniature model of a city or landscape or something when you're actually photographing the real thing.
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20 February 2011 @ 10:35 pm
- I don't get the prices for flights. I mean, usually, the product that is offered has a certain value, which results in a certain price that is asked for it, but with flights? Not so much. Like, why is your flight 50% cheaper when you fly half a day later? The flight isn't cheaper then for the company, so why do they ask less from their customers? Yeah ... this is me failing spectacularly at capitalism.

- Berlinale. Well, kind of boring this year. I didn't have that much time for films, but I thought I had picked some interesting ones ... but there was just nothing that stuck out. I don't know. I probably did pick the wrong ones. Also, I still don't get why we need a film festival in February. It's always bloody cold and I'm starting to get the impression that it's in February for precisely that reason. So that people have something to complain about ...
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09 February 2011 @ 01:54 pm
We can't have you fighting crime unscented
To keep or not to keep - bad photographs from the analogue days?

Remember the days when you got your first camera, before digital photography was invented or affordable, and when you snapped pictures of things you thought would look great and then the photographs turned out to look not so great after all?

I found a whole box of these and I'm afraid my mind is so photoshopped that I now look at a picture and automatically think "it wouldn't be so bad if you cut it at the top and adjusted the brightness and used a blue filter ..." And of course, as an 8 or 10 year old one also has questionable taste when it comes to choosing motives (The posters above my bed? A blurry Lego ship in the bathtub?! Very very blurry plastic lightsaber in the dark?????!!!)

On the one hand, these pictures are almost history and almost historical documents. On the other hand, I don't think pictures with random stuff will ever be relevant to anyone and they simply clutter my place ...

Also, my newsfeed has a headline that goes something "David Hasselhoff claims he isn't responsible for the fall of the Berlin wall" ... in related news, I can tell you here exclusively, that I'm claiming no responsibility for the discovery of America, the invention of the telephone and gravity.
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05 February 2011 @ 11:14 pm
The Bureaucracy of Anarchy
Valentine's day is by far the most aesthetically unpleasing holiday of them all. Jep, not even Christmas can compete, or maybe I'm just more tolerant around Christmas, when it comes to displays of bad taste.

I did some shopping today and couldn't help but notice all the displays in the shops. It's unbelievable how you can put almost everything in a cheap looking red or pink heart shape. Do people really buy that stuff? And if yes, what do they do with it? I mean, who wants a heart shaped pillow made of synthetics on their couch? Or a a heart shaped plastic frame on their mantle? That's all pretty much the opposite of nice interior design and such a waste of resources.
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24 January 2011 @ 11:28 pm
Die allwissende Müllhalde
They should really consider selling my meds as super permanent lipstick. At the moment, I'm taking some gel that numbs your mouth and throat for a bit, so you can swallow things when you have a sore throat (I learned my lesson from last time, not eating is not a good idea)  ... aaand, the stuff is very red and very hard to get off your lips.

Maybe I shouldn't have coated my lips and teeth with it to play vampire, fresh from the kill ... but the package didn't say that you're not supposed to do that.
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21 January 2011 @ 11:59 am
The basics of tea cup holding
I was just informed that my new ID has arrived and can be picked up. After 3 months. Three bloody months to print out a piece of paper, glue in a mugshot and laminate the whole thing. If this was a private company they would be out of business in no time ... but since it's not and since people can hardly go elsewhere to get an ID or passport ... (well, I could get these things elsewhere, but you know what I mean ...).

Anyho, why DOES this stuff take that long? Or maybe, it only takes that long in Germany?

And what's with the Fashion Week crowd this year? So far, there's a distinct lack of people in totally ridiculous outfits! I went to a party last night and didn't stick out in black jeans, black shirt, black jacket, black boring everything ...!
It can't be the cold weather, that has never stopped them before ... or maybe ... is the whole street style blog thing out? I mean, if no one is taking your picture for their blog and your one and a half seconds of fame, there's no need to risk a broken leg in funny shoes, right?

Also, thanks a lot for all the replies and the good advice on my last entry. Your thoughts on the subject did help and I'll reply there later today, when I have more time *hugs*
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10 January 2011 @ 06:11 pm
I'm back in Germany and it's so odd, how things can change in ten days. When I left for my grandparents, the country was frozen. We had like one meter of snow and ice and since people couldn't get anywhere in this weather life was kind of slow too. Now, all the snow is gone and it almost feels like spring.

I still haven't come up with a good new years resolution and I guess it's too late now anyway, since the first ones are busy breaking theirs already. I'm going to make a new attempt at "less stuff" though. I want to throw out (at least) one thing every day. Today, I went through my paint supplies and threw out some old brushes. Tomorrow: Dried up or partly dried up paints.

Also, I want to continue working on my pile of unread books. For every new book I buy, I have to give an old book from the pile a try. If I don't like the old book - which so far actually happened with a couple of fantasy books that are just not my taste anymore - I give it away or put it up for swapping. I guess this is part of my "less stuff" resolution, but it's also an attempt to make my bedroom look more inviting. I hardly sleep in it (Marco's room is quite a bit bigger ...) and it's mostly just used as a guestroom and a room that looks more like storage than a comfy place to sleep isn't something guests appreciate, I think.

Mmmh, I'm sure there was more stuff I wanted to write. Oh well, I'll just come back later with more rambling. Oh yes, I got tickets to see Donna and The Doctor doing Shakespeare this summer. Hurray.
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18 December 2010 @ 03:36 pm
Walking in a winter wonderland becomes seriously unromantic when you add wind. Blows the bloody snow from the trees right into your face. But no one ever writes songs about that.

News from my infamous weather ap: It tells me sundown is at 4:31 pm and the weather forecast for 7 pm predicts clouds with sunny periods. I would delete this thing if it wasn't so hilarious.

Notable dialogue of the day:
Friend (after looking at my bookshelves): Two copies of Revenge of the Sith ...
Me: One is the kids edition ...
Friend: So?
Me: It has pictures ...
Friend flips through book, lands on the double page that shows shirtless Anakin: Aaaah ... !

Also, I'm considering real winter boots, since my footwear is seriously limited these days. Everything in the trainers/sneakers department hasn't been wearable for weeks and Doc Martens might be great for walking on acid (that's what the package claims, I haven't tried it out yet) but not so great for walking on icy sidewalks (I HAVE tried that out, ask my butt for details). Now, how to find boots that don't look stupid ...

And I really need to make myself a winter icon or two ... I can't have forgotten everything about icon making ...
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13 December 2010 @ 06:56 pm
- Thanks a lot for the V-gifts, messages and cards :D

- I'm now the proud owner of The Last Unicorn in book form. That's one thing I won't read in public though. It's not because of the unmanly unicorn on the cover, but because the film always makes me cry and if the book has to same odd effect on me it would be quite embarrassing ... especially paired with the unmanly unicorn on the cover.

- Talking books - I find myself unexpectedly liking Memoirs of a Geisha. It was one of these books that I got because someone suggested it and then it sat in my to-read pile for ages and I was never in the mood for it. Now I dug it up, because I'm trying to get this pile back to reasonable proportions by taking the really old books, giving them a couple of chapters to convince me and then giving them away if they don't. Anyway, this book did convince and I'm getting quite interested in the whole Geisha culture.

- And talking some more books - I'm on goodreads *click*
Yes, it's total chaos, yes, it's missing most of my stuff and at the moment I'm just adding the books that I'm currently reading or that randomly pop up in my mind. But, someone please add me, I'm feeling a little pathetic with just one friend *lol* ... also, I do plan to make a clean start next year with a 2011 folder.

- Also, WTF facebook?
Some weeks ago I got an account because it was needed for something connected to a cat charity I'm supporting. Now I went on there to see if I can delete my account and I had 5 friends requests and two messages. And there's nothing on that account other than my location and my first name, which isn't exactly a rare name either.
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02 December 2010 @ 03:11 pm
Let it snow some more ...
- Thanks a lot to [ profile] caelly for the virtual gift :D

- I'm having half a day off and I'm attempting to make shortbread. So far, there are no casualties.

- I'm very much in love with the 1920s radio network at the moment. I find that music so fitting for the Christmas season and I don't exactly know why. And the best thing of course is, that this radio station will not play dreaded Christmas "classics" like Last Christmas or Do they know it's Christmas. Yes, I hate both songs for different reasons but with equal passion.

- And here, have a random picture that shows the view out of my car window this morning ... taken (with a crappy camera) while I was sitting inside, waiting for that stuff to melt enough for me to be able to clean the rest off. Yes, it's still winter ... but I'm sure things will be sorted out till Christmas and we will be back to grey and rainy weather.

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29 November 2010 @ 09:35 am
Let it snow ...
- I thought last winter had brought an end to my love for snow. I was so fed up with it.

But last weekend, the first snow of the season was just as magical as ever. Somehow, snow seems to appeal strongly to my inner 5 year old boy that still believes in Santa and can't wait till Christmas and that thinks snow is a clear sign of both being near. I do wonder when my adult self will take over again though and I also wonder when the winter poetry on top of Marco's readings will be replaced by something with sun and beaches on the cover.

- I'm currently reading the much hyped Millennium trilogy ... not bad, I went through the first book in less than two days. Not sure why it got all the praise though, it doesn't seem to be that different from other thrillers or crime novels. Well, with the exception of Lisbeth maybe, it's still rare that the resident genius (and it's the law that there has to be one) is a girl ... but anyway, the voices in my head have started talking in Swedish accents :p

- I'm mildly amused by the lasted wikileaks scandal, or however you want to call it. I mean, when has it ever been a good idea to talk about someone behind their back when your not prepared to say the same stuff in front of them? Shit like that always comes back to haunt you ... I thought that's a lesson one learns fairly early in life ... but, apparently not.

Note to self: Dig out old snow icons and upload them, or make new ones.
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25 November 2010 @ 01:35 pm
Guilty pleasures ...
I just had to fill out a survey thingy and in the part with the personal questions it asked about guilty pleasures and I had to think very long and hard about a good reply and about the concept as a whole and came up with something I found fitting but that isn't necessarily the truth.

I really can't think of anything that I would really consider a guilty pleasure. I do have pleasures, surely and I do feel guilty about not eating very healthy this week, while at the same time skipping running in the morning, because it was too cold and wet for my taste. But guilty pleasure? I don't know ...

And I just noticed, while writing this, that "guilty pleasures" is one of the expressions that don't translate well to German and that are therefor hardly used. Maybe you don't have much of an idea of what your guilty pleasures are, when you grow up in a country where the expression itself is mostly absent?

Mmmh ... I might turn "Rudi der Weihnachtswichtel" yogurt into my temporary guilty pleasure. It's a plum-cinnamon yogurt that comes with little chocolate reindeer in an extra compartment ... it's obviously for kids and most likely contains too much sugar to be even remotely healthy, but it's yummy and what's not to like about tiny chocolate reindeer? Yes, I suppose one could feel a bit guilty when eating that ... :)
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21 November 2010 @ 01:24 pm
Dear idiots,

when a man is hanging out with a lesbian couple it might not be, because he plans to have some "fun" with them later on ... it might be very possible, that said man knows, that his girl friends don't require his "service" to have "fun" later on ... it is also very possible, that said man is capable of having friendships with women, that are just friendships and nothing more ...

Now, back to our regular Sunday program - first ice skating of the season :)
It's always odd to get back after almost a year, I feel like a total beginner for the first ten minutes or so ... but it will pass.
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11 November 2010 @ 09:38 pm
When one Apocalypse isn't enough
Recent adventures in free book hunting: More coffeetable art books. We should really consider getting a coffeetable to properly show them off.

Well, we do have a coffeetable, but it is more of a clutter table and I have no idea why. It's not the only table we have and not the flat surface closest to the entrance either, however, everything always seems to end up on it. At one point I noticed a mug shortage and went to investigate and found nine used mugs on that table. And we're only a two guys household and didn't have any guests and it's not that we live in chaos or anything ... so yeah, new coffee table that isn't a clutter magnet is in order.

On other news: I've been invited to an ugly Christmas sweater party. Guess that's the price I have to pay for having creative friends. Or is this an American tradition maybe? Because the friend hosting it is originally from the US. I know some people in the UK, who actually own Christmas jumpers, but they don't throw parties in them. Not that I know of anyway.

So, I need to do some shopping to be properly dressed. It shouldn't be too expensive to find something seriously ugly in a second hand shop ... on the other hand, Christmas sweaters might be too ugly to even bother stocking them. Mmmh ...maybe I could find something semi-ugly and ugly it up a bit, sew some bells on or add some glittery snowflakes? Oooor ... build in a flashing light (like in the Santa hats) or a button that plays music when you press it? I'm really starting to like that party idea, it has so much potential for bad taste.

And now, time for some Ostfriesentee with Kluntje and cream, I've been looking forward to some all day. Oh, and more Lost Girl. Hot succubus goes well with tea, me thinks.
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04 October 2010 @ 07:47 pm
Must be monday ...
... there are clear signs that can't be missed.

- Finding a hole in one of my fav jeans, right after finding a hole in my fav Chucks ... and being unable to find a replacement for them because for whatever reason most shops just stock high tops at the moments.
- Getting attacked for trying to be helpful. Twice.
- Missing the mail delivery guy by like one minute (saw his car leave), which means I'll now have to make time tomorrow to pick up a parcel at the post office.
- Windows 7

And worst of all - we're so out of chocolate!!!
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11 September 2010 @ 11:22 am
Restoring invisible drafts
I'm waiting for my sister to show up so we can get some shopping done. She talked me into this, since a cousin of ours is getting married and I need a new shirt to go with a black suit. Preferably something that doesn't look boring or inappropriate for a wedding ... which is probably close to impossible. So I might just get another boring shirt and a bow tie, to show at least a bit of individuality (and because bow ties are cool). My sister of course "needs" the whole set ... dress, shoes, jacket ...

And talking about said wedding - I got a book from my free books source recently that I wanted to use for something we're doing for the wedding. It's a German book with poems about love and it would have been perfect with the old font and the aged pages, however, when I opened it I noticed a personal dedication on the first page. For some odd reason it's in English, written by Robert for Edith and it's dated 1922 ... now it feels very wrong to me to cut a book up that once might have meant something to two people and I wish I knew what the story of these two was.

*lol* look at me getting sentimental over an old piece of paper, it's probably the side effects of the prospect of looking at many boring shirts in the very near future.
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06 September 2010 @ 12:14 pm
Mostly harmless entry
Any Douglas Adams fans on here who can tell me if the Dirk Gently books are worth reading?

I love Hitchhiker's and read parts of the books quite a few times, but somehow never got around to read anything else by Douglas Adams ... but since there's apparently a BBC series planned that is based on the Dirk Gently books I wonder if I should read the books ... I think it's only 3 anyway?

Also, does anyone remember Vox? Nope, not the crappy German TV channel, the blog that was by the same company that is (or was?) running LJ and that was supposed to be for "adults" ... which of course lead to LJ drama ... well, if you don't, don't bother. It's closing down. Another blog I forgot I had gone. *lol*
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25 August 2010 @ 08:14 pm
Meine Projektion
Quite a few of my friends are moving at the moment or very soon, so there has been a lot of talk about packing and sorting out around me - online and offline. Now, I'm not planning to move, but I do feel inspired to look through my own stuff and get rid of some things I don't need anymore.

I'm constantly sorting out books - trading or giving away the ones with no re-read value, replacing well used paperbacks by hardcovers (I prefer hardcover, because you don't have to worry about damaging the spine when you leave the book open) ... however, everything else needs a good sorting out. So, it's clothes next week and the week after that magazines.

And then there is all the DIY stuff. The "I should keep this, could be usefull one day" stuff. The bad thing about this is, that some stuff actually DOES come in handy, after years of being stored and almost forgotten somewhere. So that will be a tough one. The other option would be selling some art and lamps and stuff and get inspired for new projects by the empty spaces and the materials that I'm planning to throw out if I don't use them soon. Mmh.

On other news: I'm planning to start watching Legend of the Seeker tonight (because it has been recommended to me quite a few times) and I have started to read a book about Elisabeth Báthory (back to basic vampires!) ... and for some real life horror, I'm planning to sew a cover for the seat of a bar chair that Marco found. It's just two straight lines really, but a needle that can easily cut through layers of leather in close proximity to my fingers is VERY scary.
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