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charon ([personal profile] charon) wrote on July 3rd, 2009 at 10:38 pm
The dead line asylum of the golden age of Torchwood ... and a bit of vampire in your cleavage
Hey, an actual review of the Torchwood audio plays ... well, it's more of a collection of random thoughts, but let's call it review because that sounds so much better.

1. Asylum: Well, I've had worse. But does this make it good? Not really ... I quite like the production and everyone did a great job, but I just don't think there was much of a plot and all really. It seems to be mostly a story about the Andy / Gwen and Torchwood relationship really, probably to explain Andy's involvement with Torchwood in the show? Anyway, the half-alien girl seems to be no more than a tool for developing Andy's character.

2. Golden Age: Something called golden age and starting with a steam train? Yes, sounds promising. And Torchwood India, I would love to see that on TV and now I wonder if there are more Torchwoods around the world. I mean, the empire was huge. Autralia, USA, Canada, parts of Africa, Hongkong, ... Anyho, back to the play. That one really made up for the previous one. I loved it. The idea of living an unnaturally long life at the expense of others is a classic of course, no examples needed, but I really like the way of how they mixed it with historical bits and stuff from Jack's past. It could have been longer though. But that's good, so much better than being bored and wondering when it will be over already, or waiting for some action, like in the last one.

3. The Dead Line: Aliens in the phone lines sucking out people's brains or something like that ... mmh ... reminds me of certain horror movies ... the ring anyone? So Jack gets to play a Doctor in Christmas Invasion type of part in this - he's unconcious for most of it. Instead we get Rhys! Mentioning his wanna-be-chainsaw-massacre-hero moment! That's one of my fav funny scenes from Torchwood! And Ianto ... so much love for him in this episode. Now, for the story itself - I'm not sure if it made a lot of sense *lol* Of course "this doesn't make much sense, does it?" has never kept me from enjoying something. I guess you have to get used to that in Science Fiction sooner rather than later or move on to a different genre. Maybe someone somewhere will be able to explain the whole thunderstorm-rift energy-telephone-brains-virus connection to me, but in the mean time I'm content with the entertaining 45 minutes I had.

Also, a "contains adult themes and language" warning on an audio book looks a whole lot like a "may contain nuts" warning on peanut butter. Yes, what they probably do mean is adult themes and adult language, but my first thought when reading that? "Oh, it contains language. What an unusual thing to find on an audio book ... "

Oh, and I almost forgot that promised vampire bit. True Blood of course. I'm starting to like Jessica. I care more about her than I care about Sookie and Recycling Bill combined. Is that an unpopular opinion? (I'm trying hard to get some unpopular fandom opinions, since the Lost fandom has failed me with all that recent Ben love)
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