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charon ([personal profile] charon) wrote on August 5th, 2013 at 01:34 pm
Habemus Medicus!*
Odd how something like summer can keep you so busy. See, in Germany we're usually done with summer in a week. Before and after you have a kind of in between seasons weather and people complaining about the lack of summer. Now we're in the fourth or fifth week of straight summer and since this is Germany no one seems to believe that the weather will stay that way so everyone is squeezing as many summer activities in as possible. So, I've been busy with sailing, swimming, BBQ, skating, a white picknick, more BBQ, loads more swimming, open air cinema (Pacific Rim and Wolverine) , water fight flash mob, my aunt's birthday party, summer of love party, much more sailing (to Denmark), shopping (because everyone is running out of summer clothes ...) ...

On other news - new Doctor! (*not sure if "medicus" is used correctly in this phrase ... Latin grammar police, don't sue me)
And it took about two seconds for the usual suspects to complain about Peter Capaldi being too old ... I'm pretty sure it's the same people who complained about Matt Smith being too young ... and of course there are people who complain because neither one of them is David Tennant ... anyway, I'm happy with the casting. I was afraid they'd go with another hot young guy or something deliberately controversial.

Also, I might have finally found a sewing class that isn't female centred, it's aimed at cosplayers. So even if the class isn't that great I would still be in nice, geeky company :D

How is everyone doing? Enjoying the summer?
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