01 October 2012 @ 11:51 am
Black is the new black - because pink clashes with orange!
Best insult I heard in a while: Facebook-farmer! I'm loving it! And talking facebook ... "good luck with that" was probably not the reply a girl was expecting when she said "I'll friend you on facebook".

So, Doctor Who ... I love that Rory gets to die three times in his last episode. By now, he has probably died more than the Doctor himself, is there any statistic about this? (There probably is, you know how nerds are ... :p) And once again I noticed that it's not the Weeping Angels episode itself that feels so creepy to me ... its going out afterwards and suddenly being very aware of the fact that there are so many statues all over the city ... MOFFAT!!!

And as you can see from the subject - I'm starting to get into full Halloween mood :D
how: cold