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charon ([personal profile] charon) wrote on June 30th, 2012 at 09:14 pm
Girls! I have a question ...
... and it's not about baking this time. Sunday brunch isn't at our place this week, so someone else has to take care of all food related issues.

But, on to the question.
I did some shopping with friends today and in one shop, they tried some stuff on and I didn't. But the shop had a nice lounge area right next to the changing rooms with cold water and mags, so I didn't mind them taking a bit longer. Now, one of the magazines I picked up was a fashion magazine for women. I opened it - ad. I turned the page - more ads. I turned the page yet again - even more ads. I got to page 47 (!!!) before the first article showed up! It was also a stupid article, so I put the mag right back on the pile, since the next two pages had - yes, you've guessed it - more ads.

Now, the question is - why are some women willing to pay 3.50 Euros for a magazine that mostly contains advertisements? I'm assuming these must be out there, or else the magazine wouldn't exist anymore. Are the ads not considered an annoyance, something that gets in between you and your reading of the magazine? Like a commercial break on TV, when you want to watch a movie?

On other news, aka. football - I understand enthusiasm and being a big fan and all that, but if you're not working in a football related job and never have, chances are, the people who have for years know more about the subject than you do. (directed at no one in particular, btw. ... or maybe some Bild journalists ...) 
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