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charon ([personal profile] charon) wrote on April 25th, 2012 at 12:22 pm
Nothing continues to happen ...
Look, it's me with another non-update update. Real life continues to be annoyingly real and annoyingly time consuming while it's happening. So I still have little time for fun stuff and when I do have time for it something else gets in the way. Most recently the weather. Yeah, I'm posting an update to talk about the weather, which has been very april-ish for weeks (in my parts of the world the typical weather for April is one that doesn't know if it wants to be sunny, rainy or snowy, so you get everything in quick succession with some thunderstorms or hail storms thrown in for good measures), so I failed to take spring pictures and I also failed to go shopping with my sister. Well, we did go shopping last weekend, but ended up in cafés to hide from the rain more than in shops, so the result was a slight caffeine overdose and empty shopping bags.

Is anyone on Google+? I'm not, because it looks like Facebook ... but they hired Cumberbatch and made him read Shakespeare for their ad and that makes it a lot cooler than Facebook I might reconsider ... maybe ... (yes, one could point out now, that they could have made him read the phonebook and it would still lead to considering a Google+ account ... )

I haven't watched any new movies or shows (I got tickets for The Avengers though) and it recently took me WEEKS to finish a book. A good book. Right now I'm reading Moon over Soho, from a series that has been recommended to me because I am a Doctor Who fan. I totally don't get the connection, but I'm really enjoying the books and the sense of humour. What else? Oh yeah, Touch, that new Kiefer Sutherland show I was checking out, turned out to have a seriously annoying kid and a plot that just doesn't capture me. I want Doctor Who back and Sherlock, especially Sherlock, or even True Blood or Warehouse 13 or ...

Also, Red Bull is available in blue now and is still called red bull and since a couple of days I'm getting spamed with viagra mails. Clearly, the retro-vintage trend has reached the spam industry, because viagra spam is so 90s, isn't it?
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