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charon ([personal profile] charon) wrote on August 29th, 2011 at 06:42 pm
What would a Victorian read?

This is my entry for a weird book meme (not on LJ or DW but on a book forum ... I'm just sharing it here for fun):

I came across this book in my grandmother's library (she says she thinks she found it in the library of her own mother ...) and became interested when I noticed that it's a YA book from the 19th century. I didn't even know they had YA literature back then, shame on me. I have only read a few pages though and the old print doesn't help. I love the way the letters look and I love the fact that they are printed with a real letterpress (you can feel the small dents in the paper) but it's not a fun reading experience for a 21th century boy.

That's the author on the picture, added to the 50th edition of the book the celebrate the anniversary. 50 editions! It was probably the Twilight of its days! Also interesting, that it was purchased in New York. I thought international sections in book shops are a relatively modern thing (like YA literature), but apparently not ... on the other hand, back then most Europeans entered the States through New York, so a shop on Fifth Avenue would have had international customers..

Did I mention I managed to get through Game of Thrones without too much confusion? I eventually remembered the names and nicknames of the important people and then some were killed off, which also helps. I have now moved on to the second book, since my box set arrived on Saturday. I usually hate incomplete box sets (in this case, it contains the first 4 books but not the fifth), but this was the cheapest option and I really want to know how the story progresses. Favourite characters: Tyrion and Arya. They are better not killed off!

Thoughts on Doctor Who: WTF?! No, wait ... let's spell that out. What The Fuck?! And can I just say that I would really appreciate it if we could get one episode with no one dying and undying a minute later every once in a while ...?!
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