charon: (Gaspard)
charon ([personal profile] charon) wrote on June 30th, 2011 at 09:49 pm
Sonata for Thunderstorm, Trapdoors and Young Women in Skimpy Clothing
Earlier today I had a phone call from a women who was shouting at me and calling me all kinds of names in French ... which was quite hot actually. 
I have a feeling that "Manuel", the bloke she meant to call, will feel different about it though. From what I understood with my bad French he was dating someone behind the girls back and the shit hit the fan.

Also, I need to make new icons and a new Twitter ap.
The icons are because, well, I haven't been motivated to make many new ones with only 6 icon slots on LJ and was happy to use the ones I had ... but it's getting hard to find ones I have never used before now.
As for the Twitter Ap, mine doesn't update anymore and worse, it gives me an error message like every 30 seconds, which gets in the way of pretty much everything. And their website? "is temporarily over its serving quota" ... right.

And I'm not sure about True Blood. My two favourite characters (Sophie-Anne and Russell) are gone and I've never been a fan of Bill and will most likely not become a fan of king!Bill. At least Eric is still around.
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