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charon ([personal profile] charon) wrote on December 22nd, 2010 at 03:25 pm
Let it ... melt
I finished reading The Hunger Games last night and can't remember who recommended it to me ... I must be getting old.

Usually Dystopia feels as realistic or unrealistic as any other type of Science Fiction to me, but this book was a bit different. Because I can see our entertainment industry going that way under similar circumstances.

If you look at the shows we have now - mostly the stuff that has a "reality" or "casting" somewhere in the description - well, it does seem to have become quite normal to see real people suffering and feel entertained by it. Like, that show where they put has-been-celebrities in a jungle and have the audience vote which ones gets to do something really disgusting to win food? Or all the casting shows that have talent free people who are made fun of after their failed audition?

If people are entertained by that, and apparently they are, a show that has people getting injured and killed would be a natural step or two up. Just taking the suffering a bit further, so to say. Of course this is Science Fiction and we have laws against such things, but it does make me wonder what entertains people and what you could sell as entertainment, how far you could push the limits before it isn't considered entertainment anymore.

I remember when they aired the first Big Brother season in Germany, how there have been discussions and protests and people worried about human rights and all that ... well, for all I know they are still showing Big Brother every now and then and no one cares anymore. So that's a limit that has been pushed already.
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