charon: (Alice)
charon ([personal profile] charon) wrote on August 23rd, 2010 at 07:20 pm
May cause discoloration of urine
Thanks for all the comments on my last entry :)

I got wine and matching chocolate for my grandparents and of course a card and flowers for my grandma, but she always gets flowers from me anyway, because she loves to have flowers everywhere in the house. Before I discovered a shop selling these things I had no idea about the wine/chocolate matching stuff ... apparently, it has to do with the amount of sugar and how certain flavours in the wine are complimented by flavours in the chocolate. Sounds like proper science and mostly, just like a damn good excuse to eat some chocolate while having a glass of wine.

Sunday was great, although the weather got a bit moody at the end. And we had to rescue a motor boat and tow it back to the harbour. That was a first, usually it's the sailors who need help, like, for running out of wind and then finding out that they have run out of petrol too, since the motor hasn't been used in quite a while and no one thought of restocking ... which would never ever happen to us ... of course ... :p

Also - first idea for a Halloween decoration: Talbot-in-a-jar. Marco suggests we put a name tag on it.
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