charon: (NBC)
charon ([personal profile] charon) wrote on December 29th, 2009 at 11:10 am
James Bond is a timelord*
Christmas ... nothing exciting happened really. Just a good old family Christmas. Which isn't a bad thing of course. It's shocking though, how fast the little relatives seem to grow up. The toys under the tree have been mostly replaced by cell phones, cameras, clothes and stuff like that ... at least I still get toys :p

Flying ... well, good thing I'm used to sitting around and waiting and good thing I had books and a full Ipod, because there was a lot of time to kill. Thanks to the crazy weather and the nutter who tried to blow that plane up.

Doctor Who ... mmmh ... I did have fun watching it. On HD no less. I might or might not have a little thing for bondage!Master. I have always enjoyed the crack that is inevidable in Science Fiction, BUT the scenes that worked best for me had no eplosions, running around and over the top plot - it was the quiet, intense dialog scenes - Doctor/Wilf and Doctor/Master. Beautifully written, very well acted, why couldn't there be more of this and less of the other ... stuff?

*why didn't anyone draw that conclusion earlier? I mean, the face changes and all are a dead giveaway, no?
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